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Laser cut signage in the South Hams – Your questions answered

Laser cut signage in the South Hams – Your questions answered

Could your shop front do with a face-lift? Want your fascia to stand out from the crowd? Then laser cutting could be the way to go. We talk to Ross Borne of Kingsbridge based graphic design, sign writing and web design company, FutureClient, about the advantages of this highly visible technique.

Q: First of all, what is it and how is it different from conventional signage?

A: Basically, it's signage in three dimensions instead of two. Letters, numbers and logos or icons, for example, can be cut out and mounted individually as in the signage we did recently for Lilburn & Elliott at Torr Quarry (above). Alternatively, the process can be reversed, with the letters and so on cut out of one or more long sheets for mounting.

Q: How durable is it?

A: Typically we'd use 6mm acetate for signage so there's no reason why it shouldn't be as long-lasting as standard types of signage out there, if not more so.

Q: How big can you make the lettering?

A: 500mm long or wide depending on which way you're running it – that's pretty big! We can also double-mount it, use different colours, the choice is yours.

Q: It's going to cost a lot more, right?

A: Well, for sure it's going to cost more than flat panel signage but it's like everything else – you get what you pay for. It's difficult to give an exact price comparison because it depends on what you want done, so come and talk to us and we can give you an idea. Laser cut signage is a premium product, a point of differentiation from the competition and, apart from the high visual impact, it's a long-term and worthwhile investment in your business – it's not something you're going to have to replace every day.

Q: How long does the process take from point of order?

A: It's unbelievably quick. The laser cutting process only takes a couple of days. Getting the finished product mounted can take a little longer but only a little – we're pretty quick!

Q: What do you need up front from me?

A: If you've already got text and artwork you can send us, we're probably good to go. If you need design work done, no problem, we can help with that, too.

Q: What other applications has it got?

A: Well, that's the beauty of laser cutting; there's very little it can't do. Take a look at the image gallery below. You can have acetate, slate or wood engraved, specialist promotional material made up, business cards etched, templates made, the list goes on. It's an incredibly flexible process and, thanks to the wide range of needs of our clients, we're thinking up new things to do with it all the time!

  • ​Business cards
  • House signs
  • Swing tags
  • Wedding stationery
  • Packaging

For more information on this and other services on offer from FutureClient, call them today on 01548 853214, or contact them here.

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A Negroni, anyone? Salcombe Gin launches cocktail menu for Christmas

A Negroni, anyone? Salcombe Gin launches cocktail menu for Christmas

(Image by Jim Stephenson)

What’s a Negroni, you might ask. ‘Equal parts of Salcombe Gin, sweet vermouth and rosehip cup … and my absolute favourite,’ says Salcombe Gin co-founder, Angus Lugsdin. ‘What makes our Negroni so special is the unique combination of our hallmark Start Point gin, a sweet vermouth from Somerset which complements it perfectly, and balanced with a bittersweet cup from London,’ he continues.

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Coming soon – a convenient way to shop local

Coming soon – a convenient way to shop local

We all love the idea of shopping locally with the benefits that go with it - premium quality produce, far fewer food miles and supporting the local economy. The reality is, most of us are time-poor and are forced to abandon these ideals in favour of the one-stop shop. Chalk one up to the superstores.

Not only that, the food giants have pressed home their advantage by capitalising on the fast-growing trend in online shopping; all your groceries conveniently delivered to your door at the click of a mouse. The superstores win again.

But Pretty Local, a new online market place operating within a 20-mile radius of Kingsbridge, aims to change all that.

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Bonfire nights across the South Hams – six of the best

Bonfire nights across the South Hams – six of the best

Looking for a great venue for some family fun this Guy Fawkes night? Here are six of the best organised displays to get fired up about:


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Need a new website? How much would YOU pay?

Need a new website? How much would YOU pay?

Most small business start-ups have a very limited budget, presenting them with a classic Catch-22. Without a great website there is little chance of generating significant income. But a professional-looking website requires a serious amount of upfront cash … right?

Wrong! Take a look at all the possibilities on offer from WEBedit, a brand new web builder serving new and established businesses including those in the South Hams.

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