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Not your average workout

Has going to the gym ever been fun for you?

Normal gyms have been promising results and never actually delivering for…. well, ever really! We have a different approach to your health and fitness, one focussed entirely on you enjoying your gym and getting results – because when you enjoy working out… you go more often; when you go more often you get results and when you get results you achieve your reason for going in the first place.

Why us?

Why would you want to come and train with us rather than the gym up the road?

Training on your own convinced that drudgery in exercise is the only way to fight off the weekend celebrations and the onset of age is a common held belief. Just because a lot of people think it, doesn’t make it true. After all, it wasn’t that long ago when the world was flat.

Redefining Gym Classes

F3E will redefine what you think about gym classes. You won’t find an endless list of branded classes and you won’t find any fads. Instead, we offer engaging and effective group workouts suitable for all levels of fitness and ability. We have three main workout types, with more to come:

Functional Training

Workouts using functional movement in a variety of different ways, this includes all workouts that aren’t barbell focused, (KettleBells, Bodyweight, TRX, HIIT, Tabata).

Olympic Lifting & Metcons 

We call this ‘OlyCon’.  Workouts involving Olympic Lifting and a metabolic conditioning circuit including a variety of different training techniques and movements.

Primal Vibe

Accessible to everyone to come and see what we do. Battle ropes, tyre’s, the sled, slam balls, punch bags, bodyweight and much more.  In these workouts you will be able to find your ‘Primal Vibe’ in fun and effective ways to provide strength and conditioning for your body.

Personal Training

1:1, 2:1, or 3:1 – Personalised training creating a bespoke service to help you achieve your goals. Either working in a 1:1 setting or with a couple of friends with similar starting points and goals. Whether you want to improve confidence in the gym, get ready for a holiday, lose weight or just get active again, personal training is a good fit.

2 Weeks free training

F3E is different to other gyms. We understand that signing up for something that is different from what you have done before seems like a leap of faith, so we’ll take that risk away and let you try the difference for yourself.

Contact us, send a message or visit our website to learn more about what we can do to help you

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