Woodleigh Wood - Firewood and Log Suppliers

Woodleigh Wood - Firewood and Log Suppliers
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DECEMBER  2017 -  Special Offers




OFFER 1  -

Buy 2 m3     Dry - seasoned 50 / 50 Split Logs   -   £10 OFF !

NORMALLY             £ 90 / m3    =    £ 180 


OFFER PRICE    £ 170



Buy 3 m3     Dry - seasoned 50 / 50 Split Logs   -   £20 OFF !

NORMALLY             £ 90 / m3    =    £ 270


OFFER PRICE    £ 250



Buy 4 m3     Dry - seasoned 50 / 50 Split Logs   -   £35 OFF !

NORMALLY             £ 90 / m3    =    £360 


OFFER PRICE    £ 325




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By Mobile or Text 

Mobile:  07808  882  623


By Email:




Kingsbridge:01548 550 000
Ivybridge:01752 477 002
Totnes:01803 640 444
Torquay:01803 640 444
Mobile: Phone or Text

07808 882 623


E-mail:  wood@woodleighwood.co.uk


OR  -  Visit our Website  -  www.woodleighwood.co.uk 

where you can order your Firewood and find details of how to pay  -  including Online

Banking and Telephone Banking options.


Dry Seasoned Firewood and Delivery

Our split Softwood and Hardwood logs are available in 8", 10"and 12" long and generally delivered to our customers loose and left at a suitable location by our tipper vehicle. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR SHRUBS AND TREES ARE CAREFULLY PRUNED BACK, SO WE DO NOT DAMAGE OUR VEHICLE WHEN DELIVERING.                                                                                                                                      Most of our customers will move their logs in a plastic wheelbarrow or plastic tub trug. If you are unable to move yourself we can provide a stacking service for a £15 fee if booked in advance.

95% of our customers now buy 50% Softwood/Hardwood log mix, this reduces the cost and having some softwood makes the fire easier to light and it is quicker to heat up the room. ALL our ready to use wood is seasoned into a quality wood fuel with a low moisture content and ready to burn.

Part-Seasoned Firewood

If you need logs that need a short time to finish seasoning, part - seasoned are ideal. Suitable for those customers who have a well ventilated, covered wood store - ideally outside.

About Us

Established in 1978 as a mixed farm we have diversified our land and Estate in recent years to include Forestry. Our business prides itself on supplying premium quality Firewood with an excellent, friendly, knowledgeable service to our customers.

Our Sustainable Timber

We process all our timber on our small rural estate, which is ideally located near Woodleigh close to Kingsbridge, a central location for delivery and our customers. 

All the timber we process is grown in the South Hams, from local sustainable managed forests. We use the Forest thinnings for Firewood that is of no use for construction timber. Forests are thinned to improve light levels to the best trees and give them space to develop. When mature, these retained trees are felled and sold as 'Sawlogs' and are sent to sawmills to be sawn into usable timber for use in construction and many other uses. All the parts of Forests that have timber felled are re-planted as part of the FORESTRY COMMISSION Felling Licence requirements.

The benefit of burning wood fuel is that it is 100% sustainable, we can grow trees indefinitely. In the last 3 years we have planted over 8,000 trees on our own land and further planting on other Landowners properties.

Prices (inc. Delivery in the South Hams)

For information we give the quantities shown below as dumpy bag sizes - so you can visualise the amount of logs you are getting.  The Firewood is delivered loose and is  tipped off the back of a tipper truck.


1 Cubic Metre   =  approx.  1  1/3 Builders Dumpy Bag


DRY SEASONED FIREWOOD  - ready to burn

Wood Type 1 m3
50% Soft / 50% Hard £90
100% Hardwood £110


PART - SEASONED FIREWOOD - requires further seasoning before burning

Wood Type 1 m3
50% Soft / 50% Hard £75
100% Hardwood £95


Get In Touch

If you would like any further information please visit our website - www.woodleighwood.co.uk       You can order by sending us a message, or just give us a call on:

Kingsbridge  01548 550  000 

Ivybridge      01752 477  002

Totnes          01803 640 444

Torquay        01803 640  444

or  Phone or Text Mobile    

                     07808  88 26 23

We look forward to hearing from you.

Woodleigh Wood - Your Local Firewood Supplier 



Information on correctly storing your Firewood - please read

Firewood should be stored in ideal conditions wherever possible, to ensure:
1/   If Part - seasoned;  it dries successfully.
2/   It does not grow mould on the surface.
3/  The wood remains in perfect condition for burning.
Optimum firewood storage:
1/   Logs should be raised off the ground on a slatted floor or pallets.
2/   If stacked against concrete block or solid walls - pallets should be stood upright around the walls before   stacking the logs.
3/   Logs should not be stacked in quantities larger than 1 metre cubes - this is achieved by dividing vertically between cubes with double sided pallets or using 2 pallets 'back to back'.
4/   Once the stack is 1 metre high, place pallets horizontally on top of the logs and continue stacking on top of the pallets in 1 metre cubes.
5/   If stored inside a building -  THERE IS NO AIRFLOW !!!  -  LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN OR TAKE IT OFF -  IF POSSIBLE.
Most customers follow our advice and are gratefull  - the minority who do not generally have regrets.

Please look after your Firewood.

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