The CareYourWay Franchise Opportunity

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The CareYourWay Franchise Opportunity

Whilst living a fulfilling lifestyle, you can make a life-changing difference every day. Make an impressive income and build a thriving business the smart way.

A brand of outstanding care

Our proven model delivers outstanding care for our wonderful clients, achieving incredible results for our valued franchisees. Our care specialises in supporting independence at home, pioneering care where individuals are most comfortable. Our tailored, relationship-led and personalised service enables our clients to stay within the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible.

CareYourWay is a mission-led, person-centred business. Our ambition, to be recognised as the best within personalised homecare informs our outstanding quality care. As a great testament to our near two decades of care experience, head office owns a territory within the top 2% of the countries' care providers.

Why a home care business?

Whilst living a fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle, you can make a life-changing difference to people every day. Make an impressive income and build a thriving business the smart way – the best way.

The family-run CareYourWay franchise provides an opportunity to launch your own homecare business, an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling lifestyle, with specialist and dedicated support from our highly experienced, expert teams.

You do not need experience within care to launch a franchise with CareYourWay – a registered manager who you can employ will nurture the care portion of the business. As a franchisee, you will oversee finance, marketing, people management and general operations, ensuring that your clients receive outstanding care whilst the service is provided in a fluid and high-quality manner. 

Owning a homecare business is incredibly rewarding. Every day, you make a life-changing difference to people’s lives. Hearing the stories from family members of how your care has positively impacted their family is truly humbling. As the market flourishes, there is incredible financial opportunity involved.

As the franchisee, you won’t be required to provide any care yourself, or to get involved within care administration. You will oversee all business aspects to ensure success. 

The Market Opportunity

Home care is set to see a colossal growth within the next twenty years. Indicated by research, it’s estimated that three quarters of people will develop a need for social care. With over 1.4 million individuals on a waitlist in July of 2021 in the UK alone, the market has never seen such a demand for quality care at home. With the government continuously pressed with finances, privately-owned healthcare organisations have an opportunity to fill a widening gap.

With our guidance, expert knowledge and expertise, your franchise will become a thriving business within your area. To read more about the business opportunity and how your business can thrive.

As the care industry grows, the potential to build a thriving business is continually growing.

Choosing a franchise in a market with an extremely promising economic future makes good business sense and owning a home care franchise is rewarding, both morally and financially. With our knowledge within the care industry, we can help steer your business in the right direction, offering expert advice on how to best run your business.

About Us

As a family-run business with nearly two decades of experience within the sector, we understand what it takes to launch a thriving home care business. CareYourWay was founded by Sarah and Manuel Sabater in 2006 in England, Devon, after recognising the immense need for quality care following the terminal diagnosis of a loved one. Later within their chapter, Sarah, Manuel and their children made the decision to care for Sarah’s mother at home. With the love, compassion and warmth that surrounded her care, she was able to remain at home, with her loving family, for many years to come.

To read more about us and our story, please click here.

The Market

As the demand for care drastically increases, quality care providers are overwhelmed with enquiries across the country.

A rapidly ageing population is presenting incredible market potential. As the average life expectancy increases, care will continue to grow in demand. Quality providers lack across the country and tailored, personalised care is constantly required to support individuals at home. There is an abudant and high-yielding opportunity to start a care business and thrive within the ever-growing market.

Financial Projections

Our realistic, achievable projections are based on our proven business model. We work with you and a third-party company to offer advice and support.

As a part of our unique business model, CareYourWay enjoys a sustained growth year on year. With nearly two decades of experience within the care sector, our care expertise informs our strategy, supporting the brand and business grow in an achievable, realistic way. Your financial projections are based on our thriving business model. We work with local high street banks who have a strong understanding of the franchise sector to assist you with funding wherever required, then offering continued support to assist your business grow.

Franchisee Financial Projection

Benefiting from our wealth of expert knowledge and funding opportunities, our franchisees can fruitfully begin their franchise knowing they’ve got the support behind them to launch a successful, thriving business in their area.

We work heavily with our franchisees to ensure that their financial projections are met, creating a detailed and dedicated plan to launch a successful business within your area.

We heavily anticipate that as our brand grows and becomes even more established, the brand will significantly increase revenue. We anticipate that by year 2, you would have achieved a turnover of at least £800,000 - we expect this to be around the £1,000,000 mark. Please refer to the graph below.



For a new franchise, our franchise fee is £29,500 , with an ongoing management fee of 5%. We anticipate the total investment required is around £80,000, witch includes working capital and the franchise fee.

For more information surrounding investment costs, please contact us through the green button, or call 01548 521789 to talk with one of our experts, who will be happy to discuss any questions, queries or concerns with you.



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