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Ok, I confess. When I moved to where I live now, I had unopened boxes on my landing for two whole years. Every night when I climbed the stairs to bed I would cringe, and the longer I left it the worse it got.

Like sorting out the attic and the choc-a-bloc garden shed (I won’t even mention the spare room), it was one of those jobs that I kept putting off due to pressure of time and, well, more than a little procrastination.

What I needed was Kim Bloomfield. She would have helped me sort in hours what I had avoided and stressed over for years! We all enjoy having organised and airy living and working spaces and the sense of relaxation and calm they give us; it’s just the getting there that’s the problem. Luckily, Kim loves to do what we hate.

Kim became a professional declutterer and organiser seven years ago when she recognised an unmet need. ‘There was such a high demand for this kind of life management that I decided to set up Blooming Organised on my move to the South Hams,’ she says. ‘Understandably, many people are so busy these days juggling work and family commitments that something has to give. That’s where I come in,’ she adds.

Kim is also an expert at organising home moves down to the minutest detail - from arranging removal quotes, unpacking, and getting your technology set up, to co-ordinating deliveries, and even having your first evening meal ready for you if required.

If you’re downsizing, Kim can help you streamline your possessions and find new homes for what you don’t want to keep. One delighted client says, ‘rationalising my belongings has freed up time and energy to commit to other pastimes, and the lessons that I learned through the process are of continued value to me. Thank you, Kim.’

Ah, and then there’s that mountain of paperwork you’ve been meaning to file. Drawing on her previous long experience as a top-level PA, Kim relishes challenges like this. Bulging filing cabinets and email folders need haunt you no more since this is where Kim is in her element. On the other hand, it could be that your out-of-control wardrobe or overstuffed loft is causing you trouble …

Time to give Kim a call on 07990 831550 or, alternatively, you can send her a message here to arrange a free consultation. More information about Kim’s services can be found on her website, www.bloomingorganised.com.

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