20% Discount on ALL food throughout October at The Loft, Kingsbridge

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20% Discount on ALL food throughout September at The Loft, Kingsbridge

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For those who have had their head stuck in a ditch for the past 12 months (and let’s face it - we all did for three of them!) The Loft in Kingsbridge opened their door in July 2019 and since then have been going from strength to strength. The Loft is ideally situated right next to the cinema on Fore Street in Kingsbridge. It’s South Ham’s Original burger joint with a burger for every occasion and a fully licensed bar serving an extended list of Cocktails. With it’s stylish interior and cool vibe The Loft has fast become a hot spot in Kingsbridge. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed meal out or a friendly drink with friends The Loft is the new place to be. Lets find out more…

How have things been since our last catch up?

All things considered it’s actually been a very successful first 12 months in business. We’ve been open for a year now but it seems like we’re starting out all over again after the lockdown which is a bit bizarre. August was very good during the week but that made the weekends a little quieter than they would normally be. The government’s Eat Out to Help out scheme swapped everyone’s week’s around a bit.

What’s New at The Loft?

We started doing cocktails just before Lockdown hit and picked them up again as soon as we re-opened. This has really taken off - it’s gone down really well with the people of Kingsbridge and we’re becoming as well known for cocktails now as we are for our burgers, which is great. We’re getting a lot of traction on people coming up just for drinks. We’ve therefore decided that during the winter we will extend the bar area and put a few more comfy chairs in and take a few of the restaurant tables away to allow more space for people to enjoy just a drink. 

Are you running any promotions currently?

We certainly are! We’re running a 20% off scheme on all food throughout the whole of October. We’re open Thursday Friday and Saturday evenings and the 20% discount on food is applicable every night we’re open until the end of September. We have a Happy Hour every night at the bar between 6 and 7 during which all cocktails are 2 for £10. On a Thursday it’s happy hour all evening for Cocktails!

Do you have anything in place for vulnerable people less confident about eating out?

We do takeaway for those who prefer to eat at home as we don’t want anyone to miss out. We don’t offer a delivery service but you can pay over the phone and if you give us a quick call on arrival we’re happy to bring the food to the door for collection if that’s what you prefer.

What makes the perfect burger in your opinion?

I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur of the burger actually. I have high standards which is good because it means that every burger on our menu is tried and tested by me personally and is of the high standard that I expect. It has to be a nice thick succulent moist Pattie, and fresh crunchy lettuce on a Brioche bun for me. Which is exactly what we serve at The Loft.

What Burger Choices do you have at The Loft?

We have 7 burgers to choose from - A burger for every occasion. We’ve got two different types of beef burgers - the signature New York and a more traditional Harlem (cheese burger), A chicken and herb burger, and chorizo and sun dried tomato burger and mini burgers which are great for the kids or adults can share them too. We’ve our famous vegan burger which is mushroom pea and beetroot. Even meat eaters order it because it tastes so much like the real thing. The only complaint we’ve ever had is that it’s too realistic - I’ll take that one! We used to change the menu every couple of months but we’ve decided to stop that as what we have now are the tried and tested favourites. There’s nothing worse than looking forward to your favourite burger and then finding out when you get there that that burger is no longer on the menu.

If you’d like to book a table you’ll find The Loft’s contact details on their southhams.com listing.


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