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Bloomers Florists Kingsbridge - Mother's Day Flowers

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Naming no names but a certain person I know grabs a bunch of daffs out of the hedge each Mother’s Day! Fortunately for him, down the years, it has become a time-honoured tradition typically met with raised eyebrows and much tolerance by a very long-suffering mum.

For those wishing to avoid such a risky strategy, however, a trip over to Bloomers Florists at 37 Fore Street in Kingsbridge would not go amiss.

There, you will find an intoxicating array of fragrant flowers and foliage in every colour of the rainbow. Make your own selections or rely on the expertise of owner, Tracy Covey, who will craft a beautiful bouquet in a colour theme of your choice.

You can also order by phone and arrange delivery. ‘Our flower delivery service is both personal and professional ensuring that your recipient receives their flowers on the day you specify with a message of your choice attached,’ says Tracy.

Mother’s Day is always a high point in the floristry year but Bloomers also caters for other life events – weddings, birthdays, funeral and sympathy tributes, Valentine’s and Christmas, for example. 

Whether your mum would prefer a traditional arrangement or something with a more contemporary twist, Tracy will be happy to oblige. Tracy also tells me that she can even work some daffs into the arrangement too, Joe, if you want. Oops, did I just let the cat out of the bag?!

For further details and prices, call Tracy today on 01548 856700.

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