Company launches to give people a bit of Extra Help around the house

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Company launches to give people a bit of Extra Help around the house

A new company launching in the South Hams is providing bespoke home help for anyone who needs a bit of Extra Help.

Extra Help began in Plymouth 11 years ago and has now branched out to the South Hams and is providing a personalised home help service to provide cleaning, washing, shopping, ironing, lawn mowing, and general home help to a wide range of clients. 

Sarah Canny, head of the South Hams branch, explained that people come to Extra Help for a wide range of reasons and for differing timescales. 

“We have clients that have broken a limb or are heavily pregnant”, she explained, “they don’t need permanent help but they need a hand doing housework, making beds, tidying up children’s toys, and other things for a couple of months or a few weeks. We can be there for as long or short a time as our clients need us to be.”

“We have some elderly clients too. We’re not a care company, but we provide cleaning, washing, ironing, shopping and cooking, that sort of thing. It can even be as simple as popping in to see someone in the morning and whizzing a hoover around, and then calling them in the afternoon to remind them to take their medication and have a chat. 

“Our service at Extra Help is completely bespoke and we can be as flexible as clients need us to be, whether that is on a long term or ad hoc basis. 

“We can be there to help if you have guests coming to stay and need a hand with the cleaning and the shopping as a one-off. We all know how stressful having guests to stay can be, we want to be able to make our clients’ lives as stress-free as possible.”

It was Sarah’s mum, Claire Robinson, who started Extra Help in Plymouth more than a decade ago and Sarah has come on board when she spotted a niche in the South Hams. Extra Help South Hams is one of 33 locations now spread across the South West and up to London, servicing an area of around three million homes. 

“In a rural area like the South Hams, simple things like popping to the shops can become more difficult for a wide range of reasons and we want to be able to provide that Extra Help to those who could benefit from it.”

All of Extra Help’s ‘home helpers’ are fully DBS and reference checked, with Sarah herself conducting personal interviews before hiring people. “We want our staff to build relationships with our clients”, she explained.

“As far as possible we always send the same person to the same client and I am always there to make face-to-face introductions when clients first meet their helpers, although with Covid this is sometimes done over Zoom or Skype, it’s nicer to really meet people before you invite them into your home.”

All of the home helpers that Sarah employs are local, currently hailing from South Brent, Yealmpton, Totnes, Kingsbridge and Modbury. 

“We’re a family franchise”, Sarah said, “We don’t make our clients sign complicated contracts with months of commitment, we create a bespoke solution. We’re there for people where and when they need us for, however long they need a bit of Extra Help.”

If you would like to contact Extra Help, you can visit their website where you can also live chat with a real person, or you can call 07547 555669 or 01822 368368, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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