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Once, twice, three times … more? Come on, how often have you joined a gym only to give up after the first or second try? Lots of good intentions but lost the motivation to follow through? Or fed up of queueing for equipment and the lack of professional guidance?

Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure - none of us is going to get any fitter or healthier sitting on the couch or in front of our computers. Summer is just around the corner so maybe it’s time to take action. In fact, it could be time to sign up with F3E Fitness, a brand new gym just off the A38 at Wrangaton near Ivybridge. And it’s not your average gym either.

‘I totally get why people lose interest in mainstream gyms. Where is that sense of community and that personalised approach? That’s where we’re different,’ says owner and instructor Roger Doak.

F3E Fitness offers three types of movement based coached classes tailored to the individuals taking part. ‘Whatever you’re looking for – increased strength, flexibility, tone or balance, for example – you can expect to see a real difference in around six weeks. Our approach is always quality over reps,’ says Roger. Added benefits can include increased energy, improved sleep and better mental functioning.

Another plus is that class sizes are limited to 12 to ensure that everyone gets individual attention. ‘We’re not a drop-in gym - you need to pre-book - but that’s where our strength lies,’ continues Roger. ‘At the moment we offer early AM classes, mid-morning to tie in with dropping the kids off at school, and in the evening for those who prefer to work out after work. Of course we’ll be adding to these as the membership base grows’

Membership options work out at as little as £3.35 per session and Roger also runs individual and small group personal training sessions in between for those who have something specific to work on or who aren’t comfortable with group training.

On-site facilities include changing rooms and showers, ample parking, space for people to relax and chat over a tea or coffee, and a creche run by Roger’s wife, Jess.

The community aspect is something that Roger is keen to stress. ‘We aim for a really friendly and inclusive atmosphere here, with lots of mutual encouragement and support.’ Clients range from age 15 to 78, from mothers and daughters to bankers, local business owners and truck drivers, all with a common aim of improving their health, fitness and wellbeing.

One of Roger’s clients in her early sixties, Linda, was recently diagnosed with fatty liver disease. Now, six weeks later, she has lost weight, her blood pressure is down, her liver is recovering well and she now doesn’t have to take any medication due to the lifestyle change she made by turning up.

‘A huge reason for me starting the gym was my parents’ poor health – obesity, type II diabetes, any number of pills,’ says Roger. ‘Like Linda, they’re only in their sixties but they have to sit on a chair to play with my four-year-old! It’s heart-breaking to think that they might not live to see her grow up.’

Well, there’s no time like the present, is there? Here’s an added incentive: Sign up for a 90 minute induction session for £25 and get two weeks’ unlimited training for FREE! Telephone Roger on 01364 388159 or visit his website..


F3E Fitness
F3E Fitness
F3E Fitness
F3E Fitness

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