Intune Therapies - Bringing Physical, Mental and Emotional Balance to the South Hams

Intune Therapies - Bringing Physical, Mental and Emotional Balance to the South Hams


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Moira Laidlaw is a passionate practitioner of reflexology and resonance healing based in beautiful East Portlemouth in the heart of the South Hams. On meeting Moira I was immediately struck by her calming influence and positive energy - it simply radiates from her. She has an uncanny knack of putting you at ease. We quickly got down to discussing the reasons why she was drawn to study and practice these particular healing therapies…

Tell me a little bit about how Intune Therapies came about...

Twenty five years ago I went on a taster course for reflexology, and something incredible happened. I worked on my big toe and something went click in my neck. It was such a relief! I delved into reflexology every now and again from then on, but back then it was much harder to get hold of information. I couldn’t afford to train as a Reflexologist at the time, but it has been on my mind ever since. Four children later, and with them all now grown up, it felt like the right time. I trained in reflexology, then sound therapy – resonance healing, using tuning forks. I am currently finishing my qualification to do resonance healing with animals, which is absolutely amazing! It now feels like I am tying together a lot of things which I believe so strongly in. It feels so right at this time to be able to help others find relief from their own issues in life. Both reflexology and resonance healing work on many levels and states in the body, e.g physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Is there anything clients are surprised about on their first session with you?

Yes. Sometimes when doing reflexology, a clients feet may give them an awful lot of pain. Not a pain that they knew was there, but the type when you press on an area of the foot or hand when giving a treatment, you may see the client jump slightly. When you trace back from that place on the client’s foot, they may say, “Oh yes I had a bit of a funny stomach”, or something - much like me all those years ago, when I worked on my big toe and mysteriously fixed my neck in the process. You have thousands of nerve endings in your feet, and they can be used to map out your whole person. Sound therapy at present is still a little-known and understood practice. Often clients may be a bit curious and try to watch what I am doing for the first time, fighting the relaxation which generally occurs. However usually the client will submit to the calmness and go off into a semi-conscious state, and be transported somewhere magical. Everyone stores emotional stuff throughout their life, and with resonance healing (and reflexology) there becomes an opportunity to release stuff - on an emotional level - which no longer serves you well; hence freeing up space within and creating an energy lift. As every client is different, every treatment will be different and so the results will be personal to each client. Usually after a resonance healing session, the client feels strangely lighter inside, and more balanced. A lot of the resonance healing I do is often focussed around the chakras, which are holistically seen as the main energy centres in our bodies. When energy flows well, and becomes unblocked, we all function better.

I can use either reflexology and resonance healing separately, as individual treatments, or I can combine the two together. I believe this can give a different, and often more complete, service. One of my tuning fork teachers said “Sound therapy is like the glue that holds you all together.” Once you’re in that place where your body relaxes, homeostasis is more able to occur. This is when your body internally seeks to maintain a stable environment, thereby being able to make constant adjustments to cope with what’s going on both internally and externally. Often what we do to our bodies makes our bodies fight back. Wearing the wrong shoes, for instance, has a knock-on effect to our posture, which has a knock-on effect to our internal organs and structures. If we can find ways to make our bodies run more smoothly, we feel better. It is easy to get caught up in life’s problems, and both reflexology and resonance healings help give you the space you need. They go hand in hand.

Did lockdown effect your therapies at all?

Sadly - or happily for them! - through lockdown I have only been able to practice reflexology on my partner and children at home. However, now restrictions are being lifted I am back to offering this service on a mobile basis. With the resonance healing I have been able, during lockdown, to provide this service remotely. This has been an amazing experience for both clients and myself. It is not done through “zoom” or anything like that, but through intention – much like how a distance reiki session may occur. The client goes somewhere warm and quiet, I phone them before hand, and we discuss any relevant problems, worries, or issues. I will tell them what I may have picked up on, or what I think is needed. Maybe they have an energy blockage which is influencing a particular chakra area. I correlate with them and make sure we agree, then we both hang up the phones and the client relaxes somewhere peaceful while I get to work. When I have finished, I text the client to tell them I have completed it, and am available afterwards to discuss anything which may have arisen, if needed. I treated a lady in Shropshire and the text I sent through at the end of the session, for some reason, did not go through. She ended up asleep for two hours after the session! It’s really extraordinary how it calms the mind and body. The lady had a huge energy boost afterwards. I now always double check to see texts have been sent.

Tell us a little bit about animal sound therapy...

Working with the animals has been remarkable. I’ve worked with ponies, dogs, cats, and even a tortoise! It’s interesting to often see how much their energy interplays with their owners energy. If it is a physical condition, e.g pain or a wound on an animal I am healing, I work only on that area with the animal. Otherwise, I work with both the animal and the owner too. It’s basically a combined therapy, as often the animal is mirroring what the owner is feeling, or is co-reacting to the owner, or the animals signals are not being picked up clearly by the owner. Again the homeostasis comes into play here.

What do you love most about your job?

The diversity of it, the fact that everyone is different, and that everyone gets something out of it. It may not be what they think they’re going to get out of it but it will be what they need. If you can relax people, then life – better! If you can give people a positive outlook on life then anything becomes possible.

If reading this has struck a chord with you and you would like to find out more, then check out Intune Therapy's listing on for more information and Moira's contact details.

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