The Care Company (SW)Ltd - the South Hams local family run care company rated Outstanding by the CQC

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The Care Company (SW)Ltd - the South Hams local family run care company rated Outstanding by the CQC

The Care Company (SW) LTD is our latest sponsor of and we’re thrilled to welcome them onboard. What started as a small, local, family company has grown exponentially over the last few years. The Care Company have been rated outstanding by the CQC (Care Quality Commission) in a time where many other care providers find themselves in extreme difficulty. I had a lovely morning getting to know the newest member of their team, Jonathan Sabater, the youngest of the family. 

What is the background to The Care Company (SW) LTD? 

The Care Company (SW) Ltd was established in 2006 by Sarah and Manuel Sabater Romero, my mother and father, and was founded on the lack of quality, personalised and tailored homecare that was witnessed when a close-to-heart family member received cancer support. The duo had the vision of creating a company that provided outstanding quality care, where they could support the independence, at home, for those that needed a helping hand. Over the years, Sarah and Manuel have welcomed all three of us children into the business, where we have built an inclusive, friendly, and welcoming culture, which is one that we are incredibly proud of. To us, care should not be a single package that suits everybody. It should be based on someone’s own wishes, as we all come from different backgrounds, we all have different hobbies, and we like different things. It’s for these reasons that care will always be close to our hearts and is why we’ve ensured that every client we provide care for, only receives the best care that suits their own lives, in their best interests. Care has always been, and always will be, our absolute passion. 

Where are you based? 

Our registered offices are located in Fallapit; in between East Allington and Totnes. Our care covers all areas across Devon, including the South Hams and Torbay. In August, we were incredibly pleased to announce that, with an estimated growth of 45% in the last two years, we achieved a 135% growth. In fact, as we expand, we have even looked into providing care in areas as far as London, and we’re extremely excited to project ourselves forward into the future. Whilst we recognise our swift expansion, our focus is never taken from providing that outstanding quality care, tailored to every own individual. To us, it is so important that quality comes before quantity. 

What services do you offer? 

Our care varies from simple companionship to much more complex packages. Our care is solely based on the individual and can be as minimal as someone to chat to, or someone to assist with weekly shopping visits. Our care also supports those who require more complex packages to support them at home, such as those with more severe illnesses or conditions. Our care assists individuals whatever their lifestyle, varying from simple companionship to end-of-life care. In fact, we have a devoted individual within our team who is our dedicated ‘end of life support link worker’. Like all our staff, she is extremely compassionate and supports the individual and their family through some of their most difficult times.  

Tell us about the team! 

Sarah and Manuel are incredibly proud of the fact that the company is family-run. The team itself is growing quite rapidly and whilst this is the case, we are really focusing on taking care of our staff at an excellent standard. From schemes such as wellness Wednesdays, where we order in a fresh box of fruit directly to our offices, for all staff members to nibble on (to promote a healthier living style), to gifts, rewards and recognition, benefit schemes (that help save thousands annually for individual staff) and luxury hampers during festive (or difficult) periods of time, we are always looking for avenues to better support our staff. We have been recognised as Investors In People, and we will even fund employee courses, to help with career progression, such as Level 3 and 5 diplomas. We also provide an EAP (employee assistance programme), which can offer a helpline for all staff members. We now have over 70 employees, and whilst that is a large number, we are so proud of its inclusive environment. We strive to make sure that everyone within our teams know that they can have a say. Due to the nature of care, our carers can witness and experience some difficult scenarios, and I think that having each other there, not only as a colleague, but also as a friend, is so important. Manuel has worked very hard over the years to create this culture within the company. In fact, every Christmas we present every member of our staff with a luxury hamper just to say thank you for the year, and to give back to our community. What they are doing is so important to our company and our community. Care should not stop at caring for our clients, we feel as if care should extend to our wonderful staff members. In fact, we have created a company promise that: supports and takes care of our staff, whether through hardship or prosperity. Recognises and values, celebrating proud moments of achievement and success and empowers staff to enable career progression, as well as develop qualifications, skills, and knowledge. We are always looking for like-minded individuals to join our team, to help provide fantastic quality care for those in our community.

What makes your approach different? 

Our care is solely based on the individual and one package will never be the same as another. Just to give an example, we recently had a client who wanted a ‘fish and chip’ night! Our carer went in, sat with her and she’s now enjoying takeaway night on a regular basis. Whilst this is just an example of one of our clients, it proves the way our care works – that our care is very much based on the client and their wants and needs. It’s our job to make sure that every client has their individual needs catered for and our care packages will always place the client in the centre of all decision making, to ensure that they’re comfortable and happy, living by their own rules in the comfort of their own home. 

How has COVID-19 affected the company? 

COVID-19 has definitely rattled the cage of every care provider. It has not been a pleasant experience, and it has not been easy to deal with. We have, however, had the privilege of not having any cases within our company, including both staff and clients. We have proudly taken great strides to ensure that our site is COVID secure. We have a very in-depth screening process whenever someone enters our offices, we have implemented screens in-between the desks for those that can’t social distance and we’ve really gone the extra mile to ensure that everyone feels safe, which includes, of course, our clients too! At the very beginning of the pandemic there was a severe shortage of PPE (nationwide) and we decided to act swiftly. We ordered from international suppliers on an independent basis and if we did not do that, we would have been left in a very different situation. We also managed to liaise with Kingsbridge Community College and, fantastically, they made us visors using their 3D printer. Salcombe Gin supplied us with some fantastic hand sanitiser and The Bear and Blacksmith (a restaurant in Chillington) provided free fish and chips for our carers. So many businesses and individuals within our community helped out massively, and we can’t extend our appreciation enough! I really think we came through the first wave of Covid 19 as a close-knit community who all stepped up and looked after each other in their time of need. 

What are your clients surprised about? 

I think it’s the genuine care and compassion of our staff, that this isn’t just a job. They are always going the extra mile and it is something that we’re incredibly proud of. You can make someone’s day with the smallest of things and sometimes, it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference. 

What developments are you looking forward to this year? 

We’re looking forward to growing our team, looking for new ways that we can deliver better and more personalised care for our clients and making sure that everyone we’re responsible for - including our carers – receives the best care they can within our capabilities. 

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