The gym bringing boxing back to Kingsbridge

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The gym bringing boxing back to Kingsbridge

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Kingsbridge has not had its own amateur boxing club since the 1970s but thanks to personal trainer Aaron and his gym, Marvel Fitness, boxing’s back!

How did Marvel Fitness start?

I am a personal trainer and I had been working with clients at the Kingsbridge leisure centre but very much wanted my own gym so I had greater flexibility to train the way I wanted to. In particular I love boxing and wanted to be able to place that at the heart of what I do. The name ‘Marvel’ came about simply because I am a fan of the Marvel comics.

What did you do before Marvel Fitness?

I worked as a lifeguard for a while, which I didn’t enjoy, but they had courses they offered and there was one in personal training. I started with a Level two fitness instructor course, followed by a Level three personal training course. Both were supposed to take one year but I loved them and really committed to them, which meant I passed them in 10 months each.

What can people expect from Marvel Fitness?

At the moment we offer an open gym policy where people can come and use the gym at their own leisure. We offer personal training with weights, boxing and classes in boxing, HIIT, and one spin class a week. We also have classes for children, and two for adults with learning difficulties - one for boxing and one for basketball.

What are people most surprised about when they come to you?

They’re quite surprised by how small the space is but how much we achieve with it. We’ve been very careful with how we use the space and most recently we’ve added a proper boxing ring.

Boxing is central to what we do and is also a personal passion. We’ve done White Collar boxing, which is unlicensed, for a while, but we’re now officially affiliated for amateur boxing, where you go on a record and get a licence and it’s all overseen by a big governing body. Anyone can do it, but it’s quite serious.

When you go amateur, you’re affiliated to a town, and the last time Kingsbridge had its own official amateur boxing club was 1974. Bringing it back is something I’ve wanted to do ever since I moved here from Plymouth as a teenager, and now we’ve done it!

What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

I’ve had a lot of demand for boxing training with the amateur licence, and now offer two junior classes, as well as an amateur class for 10 to 20 year olds. I’ve now got 12 lads who are pretty much ready to train seriously and fight for Kingsbridge.

I have done White Collar events before as well, often at Malborough village hall and more recently at the Leisure Centre. They normally include around 10 fights and through them we raise money for a local children’s cause. This year it was for the Scout‘s hut. We also did a naked calendar as well!

The next fight will be in April or May, and now I want to get an amateur match arranged as well. So watch this space!



The gym bringing boxing back to Kingsbridge
The gym bringing boxing back to Kingsbridge

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