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The Purpose of Nikki Harris' Transformation Programme

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The Purpose of Nikki Harris' Transformation Programme

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The purpose of my Women’s Transformation Programme is to ultimately support you to achieve your health goals so you “see” and “feel” the results. 

So if you want to lose that stubborn weight, improve your sleep and wake up feeling refreshed, reduce your hot flushes, improve PMS, mood swings and irritability, feel calmer and more optimistic and generally get back to feeling like YOU again, then I would highly recommend my programme to get you back on track.

Results can generally be seen within the first month by following my food and lifestyle recommendations you can expect to feel lighter, see weight loss, benefit from improved mood and sleep. We are all very different with varying symptoms and levels of support that may be needed to get you back on track so there is no one-size-fits-all. The most important thing is that you will look and feel the difference and this is done step by step and this gets the best results, the key is not to overwhelm you. 

Stabilising your hormones allows you to feel better and lifestyle changes are far more achievable this way, so we move at a pace that suits you. So let’s start at the beginning and let me support you in to your transformation journey.

How do I know if this programme is right for me?

I would love to work with you and get you the results you are looking for, however, I do feel it is important for you to acknowledge that you are fully committed to your health. In turn, this will help you to deliver the results you are looking for. I only take on a limited amount of clients each month and this allows me to spend more quality time giving them my full attention.

So once you know you are fully committed to improving your health, I guess the next question is how do I work? I work over a 3 month period as I have found that clients who commit to working over a longer period of time get the best results. I want you to get benefits of a lifelong transformation, and this is as much about your mindset as about me giving you guidance on how to make changes to your diet and lifestyle. 

As a Nutritional Therapist, I also help you with coaching, which helps to keep you accountable, motivated and on track with your progress. I help to coach you along the way, so not only do I help you to make changes, I show you how and this is something you can use for life and this is why I work in programmes over a longer period of time.

This also allows me to get to the root cause of your symptoms and occasionally testing is required for me to dig a little deeper, however, this is discussed with you every step of the way. 

This programme is going to give you 3 months of my full support and guidance to help you make the changes you need to achieve your health goals. Not only is it nutrition advice, but I also empower you to make changes that give you the tools to keep you looking and feeling amazing for life. In the first month, we will focus on finding out the root causes to your underlying symptoms. 

What is the next step? 

Firstly, I will send you a health questionnaire, T&C and a 3-day diary to complete and sign prior to our appointment. We will review this form together on your first appointment, from there I gather the information you provide from your health questionnaire to deliver a personalised plan. Together, we will work on recommendations to your diet and lifestyle to move you forward towards your health goals step by step. 

We will have one longer 90 min session first and one 30 min shorter session in the first month to check in with you, keep you motivated and on track. If necessary, I may also recommend supplements, at this stage, tailored to you that support you and your symptoms and I may also recommend testing to get a deeper understanding.

The second and third month we will continue to focus on working towards your health goals, as we unravel at the root cause, together with any symptoms and also any test results, making necessary changes to get results. I want to make sure you are supported all the way. Again, I will send a shorter form along with a 3-day food diary to fill in before our second and third appointment, like the first appointment we will go through this form together so I can understand how you are progressing with your wins and if there are any challenges that we may need to work on. 

There will be one longer 60 min session and one 30 min shorter session during the last two months and the shorter sessions are there to keep you accountable and motivated so that we are talking every couple of weeks.

What you will receive during your 3-month programme:

  • 1 x 90-minute initial consultation

  • 2 x 60-minute follow up consultations

  • 3 x 30 min check-in calls to keep you motivated and on track with your progress

  • Full health and medical review covering all aspects of your health history and current symptoms 

  • Recipe booklets, portion guide and shopping list

  • A bespoke nutrition plan designed around you and your health needs, including lifestyle, sleep plan, relaxation techniques, and exercise that is right for you.

  • Nutritional supplements tailored to your health needs

  • Full access to me between appointments via your own online client portal

  • Priority access to booking maintenance programmes with me

  • Lab testing recommendations (if necessary) are designed to dig deeper into the root cause of your symptoms giving you quicker and optimal health results - please note these are at an additional cost 

  • Interpretation of any test results that I recommend

  • Checking supplements that I recommend for any medication interactions

  • Additional time for research into your case - 1-2 hours

  • 10% discount on all supplements that I recommend

If you are interested in making positive changes to your health and need some support and guidance please get in touch by visiting my work with me page on my website to book a call with me to see how I can support you on your health journey and if we are a good fit to work together.

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