The South Hams holiday lettings and property management company that go above and beyond

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The South Hams holiday lettings and property management company that go above and beyond

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Meet Bonnie, who is the director of Compass Quay; a trustworthy and flexible holiday lettings and property management company. Compass Quay is based in the stunningly beautiful, tranquil setting of Bantham in the South Hams and offers a first class service to both holiday home owners and her guests alike. 

Have you always lived in the South Hams?

 No, I met my partner Will on holiday in the Caribbean. Within two days of getting back my mum was diagnosed with a terminal illness and unfortunately died within 6 weeks. Will invited me down for some respite from mums daily hospital visits and I not only fell in love with Will but I fell in love with the South Hams too. I gave up everything, home, career in property management in Bristol for nearly twenty years and moved down here to be with my now fiancé, since Valentine's Day. 

What’s the ethos behind Compass Quay?

 We look after our guests with a unique personal service and we always try our best to support our local community in the process. Nearly  all of our CQ team live in the surrounding areas and therefore it’s a good way of profits feeding back to locals. We are blessed to have an amazing gifted team with many years experience in the industry between us all.

What services do you offer?

 We offer holiday lettings, property maintenance, boat maintenance, and we have moorings to in Scoble Basin in Salcombe which is a real little gem.  Scoble Basin has 36 moorings on the outskirts of Salcombe and is ideal for locals and guests alike to hire winter and summer moorings, in a private and away from the crowds fashion.

Compass Quay differs from the rest as we can offer guests to book a holiday with us and bring their boat, what better way is there to enjoy everything that the South Hams has to offer, including its gateway to the sea! 

 With our in-house boat maintenance team and boat delivery drivers we can take all the hassle out of your holiday leaving you more time to enjoy your precious time away. We cater to both the holiday home owner and the guests. If they would like a tour guide while they’re down here then we can provide that. We can organise the perfect holiday for you based on your exact requirements - there really isn’t much that we don’t offer. Once people have come and stayed with us we are lucky, as they keep coming back year after year due to the fact that they love the personal all round care that they get with Compass Quay.

 Born out of Covid, I have set up another company to sit beside Compass Quay, this is solely a service provider for our guests and second home owners. Our lovely new brand is Compass Quay Coastal Holidays, some of the services we can offer so far are private chefs, Wild Swimming experiences with hot tubs and saunas by a private river, coastal walking tours for you and your four legged friends and we even have bagged an amazing five star holistic therapist Toby Maguire who is usually jet-setting around the world in five star resorts. Thanks to the Covid restrictions we are now offering his services to our lucky guests in the South Hams! Watch this space for the launch of the very new website soon.

Is there anything that your guests are surprised about went they get here?

 I think they’re usually surprised at our can-do attitude, bespoke style and friendly approach. We have some amazing properties with fabulous views, and these always astound our guests. My ethos is like renting from a friend, a home from home. We are not some huge faceless national lettings agency and anyway, small is beautiful.   I would never expect anybody in my company to do anything that I wouldn’t do myself. At Compass Quay it really is all hands on deck, we’re in it together! As you can imagine it has been a very strange time to run a holiday letting company during a pandemic and fortunately, due to our fabulous dedicated team we are receiving rave reviews.  We are turning holidays into experiences for our guests and home owners alike. We have personally designed Bubble experiences for our guests, so that they can enjoy their group in a safe and private environment during their visit and very much on trend in the current climate.

How has Covid 19 affected Compass Quay?

 When Covid hit, like many other small independent companies, it affected us badly with cancellations due to lock down , however we’re determined to maximise this new market place, especially now that the UK holiday industry is opening up again. We feel that this is the perfect time to really showcase the beauty of the South Hams and change the way that people holiday for the better, here at home. 

 The industry has changed due to Covid and people are now more eager than ever to holiday in the UK. The idea of having to self isolate on your return from many foreign destinations makes staying in the UK the obvious option. People are more likely than ever to want to stay in a holiday homes rather than a hotel or a B&B. Staying in a holiday home means that you can bring your ‘Bubble’ with you and stay in that ‘Bubble’ whilst you are here. It means that you can stay safe and secure with your family and enjoy everything that the South Hams has to offer. We are already receiving a lot of interest for November, December and January. After a Spring and early summer of lockdown everybody is keen to make the most of the winter months. People can come down here, go out for a brisk coastal walk and come back to a cosy log burner. A lot of people are still waiting for their refunds from their summer flights and foreign holidays, but when they get them they can invest in a fabulous British get-away instead! We are looking forward to updating, and introducing old school UK family holidays again, and all the fun that this entails.

 If you are a Holiday Home owner and would love to join the Compass Quay owners club, please do contact them, they tailor make your owners package to suit your needs, and if you are a guest and you wish to rent in the South Hams and you are looking for a company that will go above and beyond for you then look no further than Compass Quay.

Follow this link to their listing on for their full contact details.


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