Want a modern and streamlined way to market and rent your holiday home?

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Want a modern and streamlined way to market and rent your holiday home?

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A new opportunity for rental properties has come to the South Hams in the shape of Pass The Keys

Pass The Keys is a short-let property management company founded six years ago in London, which uses technology to maximise your lettings and optimise both your rental days and rates to get you the best deal possible.

Pass The Keys South Hams is a franchise owned by Ali Steere. Having grown up in the area, Ali’s local knowledge is invaluable and as an Airbnb Superhost, she not only understands a client's anxieties when letting a property but also what is important to a guest for a comfortable stay. 

Pass The Keys is new to the South Hams, having originally focused on short-lets in cities’ Ali explained. ‘What makes it different to other companies is the very up to date technology including the app used to automatically coordinate the scheduling of cleaners, linen, trades and so on. This is then fed back to the client portal so the client can have access to all information regarding their property in real time if required.”

Pass The Keys is running in 35 different cities, with the closest being Exeter, and they are now branching out into the towns and more rural areas across the whole of the UK, from East Fife, Scotland to St Agnes, Cornwall. 

Ali explained: “My area is from Salcombe to Dartmouth and everywhere in between so my location covers basically anywhere I can drive to within a 30 minute radius. 

“This means that while the technology is there and 24/7 guest support is given centrally, there is always me as a real person to back my clients up and make sure I can get to their property in an emergency within half an hour.”

The technology and the app means that there is a direct connection between the clients and the work being done with their property. Cleaners clock in and out with it, log their before and after photos, if there is ever a dispute about anything, there is evidence there to solve it quickly and simply. 

When clients sign up to Pass The Keys, it isn’t just the property letting and management that they get, they also get Guardhog Insurance as standard, a keysafe for flexible check-in, a professional photographer to make your property look as good as it can and 24/7 guest support.

There aren't the long term contracts that other companies have either, Pass The Keys have an initial 12 week contract after which it will continue to roll on each month until advised otherwise so the client is always in control. With Covid we have all had to be more flexible and Pass The Keys makes this so easy.”

Ali said: “It was the technology that really attracted me to Pass The Keys and that the company is still young and innovative, constantly adapting and thinking ahead when it comes to hosting and letting properties. 

Pass The Keys are the only professional co-client with Airbnb and all properties are available across 20 platforms including Booking.com, VRBO and Expedia. It means their optimisation gives you the best you can get from your property.” 

To find out more about Pass The Keys, check out their listing on SouthHams.com HERE or email Ali on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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