Want to enjoy socialising without the busy bars? Family-owned From Tipsy has the answer

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Want to enjoy socialising without the busy bars? Family-owned From Tipsy has the answer

A brother and sister team are using the freshest, highest quality ingredients to bring the cocktail bar to you.

Jess and Finn Thomas, 24 and 22, who live with their parents just outside Salcombe, are fast becoming a real pandemic success story with their bespoke cocktail delivery company From Tipsy.

Jess and Finn Thomas

The siblings had both recently finished university when the pandemic struck, meaning they suddenly had a lot of time on their hands, something that they decided to use to pursue their passion for creativity and mixology to bring From Tipsy to life. 

“Finn is the real genius when it comes to drink mixing”, Jess explained, “he was always that guy at house parties that, when everyone else was just grabbing a beer, was spending the time mixing really nice cocktails, and then everyone was jealous when he came out with something amazing like a grapefruit gin and tonic!”

From Tipsy make all their cocktails to order, apart from a couple of their most popular which they can make a couple of days in advance to keep up with demand. They use the freshest and highest quality ingredients to make sure their drinks are as perfect as they can be. 

Finn explained that one of his favourites, the Espresso Martini, took some trial and error to get really right. “We make it with fresh batches of moka espresso, a combination of Italian espresso liqueurs and Absolut vodka. It took ages to get right, but we got there in the end, and now it's my favourite that we do.”

Finn with a espresso martini

Both Jess and Finn are self-taught and just passionate about creating delicious drinks for people to enjoy. 

There aren’t usually good news stories to come from Covid, so it is always nice to see them when they do pop up. For From Tipsy, not only did it give the siblings time to concentrate on something they really wanted to do, but it gave them a client pool too, people who really miss going out and having cocktails, but aren’t completely comfortable being in pubs and bars yet - “we can bring the bar back to theirs!” said Jess. 

From Tipsy is a truly local small business, with all the mixing, bottling and bottle-sealing being done by Jess and Finn on their parent’s kitchen table, before being delivered to the Kingsbridge, Salcombe, Bantham and Loddiswell areas. 

“Everyone at home is surrounded by it at the moment”, Jess said, “everything is stored in the garage and it is put together in the kitchen, I think we’re driving Mum a bit mad but she likes the tasting sessions!”

The pair, who are the eldest two of four children, think that being siblings has given them an advantage. “We haven’t had too many arguments”, Jess laughed, “I think because we know each other so well, we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.”

“We have literally done everything ourselves”, Finn explained, “from the original idea to the photography, videography, branding, website building, everything. 

“We saw the opportunity to turn Covid into something positive, as well as bridging that gap between people who want to have people round and have small parties, but don’t want to go ‘out out’ yet. That’s where From Tipsy comes in!”

Finn Thomas and friend enjoy a cocktail in the sun - what summers in the South Hams are all about! 

So whether it's a special celebration, a dinner party, a family BBQ, you’re enjoying a boat day or you simply want to enjoy a tasty cocktail in your garden, From Tipsy are here to deliver them straight to hand, hassle free. 

They can also send it with a beautiful, custom, handwritten note to any order, making it a perfect gift.

(They can provide next day UK delivery through UPS too, but mainly they’re concentrating on their more local customers.)

If you want to find out more about From Tipsy, place an order through their website by checking out their listing on SouthHams.com HERE or WhatsApp them on 07856 422415 or 07596 099582. You can also follow them on Instagram @fromtipsy

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