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Tom May Metal Craft


Unit 10, Garden Mill
South Hams, South Devon
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Tom May
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07432 610115

Tom May Metal Craft - Local Blacksmith using traditional hot metalwork and a mix with modern methods. Commissions for all type of work of all sizes

Hello, my name is Tom May, and I work with metal.

I make everything from house-hold items, to gates, to garden sculptures and furniture. I also make Dragons!

I use traditional, hot metal work and mix it with modern methods such as laser and water-jet cutting. This gives me the ability to do much more detailed work.

My love for metalwork started with a humble candle holder made at school. I moved to South Devon from London aged nine and, later whilst exploring local career options, that early experiment working creativity with my hands came to mind.

I needed to find out what was possible, and to test my abilities, so I made contact with a village blacksmith. Initially, I worked for free in exchange for experience and a guiding hand.

Those first few days turned into weeks and then months, as my love of the craft and medium grew. After several years honing my skills, I was offered some free space in the workshop of a Kingsbridge metalworker, in return for helping out.

Then came a real stroke of luck.

Burncoose nurseries at the Caerhays estate in Cornwall commissioned me to make 2 large obelisks for their Silver Gilt show garden at Chelsea Flower Show in 2014. They wanted an oriental theme since their garden showcased plants from China. The dragons were born.

Each scale, whisker and talon was hand-welded into place onto the bodies of the dragons which I designed to curve around the obelisks. The response was amazing, even more so after a picture of an obelisk appeared on the front cover of the Burncoose catalogue that year.

The follwing year, Burncoose commissioned me to make the Moon Gate for their show garden at Chelsea again. The gate was circular design, 6 foot tall and embellished layered dragon panels. Like the obelisks, it was immersed in a salt water bath for two weeks, to give it its rusty patina before installation. The garden won gold!

So, the dragons became my hallmark. I can produce full, three dimentional bodies, just the heads for mounting, layered two dimentional panels and pretty much and other variation on the theme you care to mention.

But, I don't just make dragons. There is nothing I like more than to be challenged by an individual brief, no matter how unformed, to produce an original piece that truly reflects the client's aspirations and happy to talk about ideas and concepts.

Should you wish to get in touch or learn more information about me, or my work, contact me by mobile, visit my website or Send a message


Tom May - Custom Cubic Tongs
Tom May - Nature Pole, Base Close-up of flowers
Tom May - Moongate Dragon being made
Tom May - Finished dragon obelisk at seaside
Tom May - Tom adding gold leaf to Moongate dragon's eyes
Tom May - Tom Welding metal to Moongate dragon
om May - Custom Spiral Tongs and Holder
Tom May - Nature Pole, Grasshopper close-up
Tom May - Custom tree candle holder
Tom May - Adding details to Dragon Obelisk
Tom May - Nature Pole, Lizard close-up
Tom May - Finished Dragon Obelisks


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