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I asked this company to repair a valve on my oil tank for me Friday 11th May, the request was made on the previous Tuesday morning and was accepted. I took a day off work and drove down to East Portlemouth where the house is to make sure Matt could get the new parts I had bought and to help if required. By 11.00 he had not shown up I phoned him, by 12 no sign so I phoned and texted him, I phoned and texted twice more that day and received no response, neither an apology nor an offer of when he would do the work. I run a Gas safe Plumbing and drainage business in Bristol and Bath and am well aware of the unknowns that can affect whether you can get to an appointment on time, I am also well aware of the vagaries of the mobile phone network in the South Hams but as I write this review Monday 14th May at 8.19 still at my desk I have received nothing of a reply. I would never treat a customer in this way and am simply not prepared to accept this as professional behaviour, if any of my staff behaved in such a way they would be dismissed, non of them would. I would never use this business again for any task and would strongly recommend nobody else does either. One star is way too generous.
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