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I can actually work in my studio now...thank you
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Kim’s friendly, good humoured and very professional manner make her a joy to work with and really gave me confidence that no task was too big. Without Kim, those boxes would be still closed, and I couldn’t face sorting the contents of them!

Kim LOVES organising and takes such pleasure in putting things in their rightful places, and helping identify things which I didn’t need anymore. which is amazing because I don’t always know how to give things in my home a ‘home’. After working with Kim, all my studio contents and other items were organised in a logical way, so that now I can find everything I am looking for instead of searching through unorganised stuff. It is absolutely life changing.

After working with Kim, I feel I am now equipped to maintain keeping things clear and get rid of things. I think of her enthusiasm as I sit down to tackle what I find a horrible task, in order to push on and complete it.

She has created a simple and logical system for me to give ‘homes’ to my belongings within areas of my home, keeping it much more organised and making it easier to maintain. I just don’t have that logical brain!
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