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REALLY Good Burgers & Atmosphere
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If you want a good burger, come to The Loft.
Being at the top of town right next to the cinema, the location of the Loft is not just convenient, it also has really great design and atmosphere to the place. It is very chilled and modern, with LED lighting, plants and rustic flooring decorating the place to give it a 'cool' look and feel (even more so when they have live-music playing).

The food they serve is also really good, the New Yorker burger being an extremely tasty burger and the chips at a good quality (not cheap tasting/feeling). The prices are also reasonable and the wait times for food table service and takeaways are no more than 20 minutes, so you don't have to wait long ether.

The menu they offer however is very limited, as currently (as of this review) they only serve burgers as a main meal. But in the case of "quality over quantity", the Loft really does this.
I will definitely be back to the Loft in the future.
The Loft - Takeaway Boxes
The Loft - New Yorker Burger Takeaway
The Loft - Licensed Bar and Restaurant - Kingsbridge
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