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Bearscombe Farm
South Hams, South Devon
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​TQ7 2DW

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Main Contact:
Sarah Kerswell
Mobile Number:
07799 235969

SLK - Sarah Kerswell Equine Sports Massage Therapist, massage for your horse. Fully insured and certified

Have you ever wondered how your horse really feels? Have you ever considered treating your horse to an Equine Sports Massage?

  • Equine Sports Massage Therapy (ESMT) can benefit horses in many ways, whether just for general wellbeing or for any underlying problems
  • Massage is a Holistic treatment affecting not just the muscles, but the Lymph and Circulatory systems too. You need to do the whole sequence / body to maintain balance.
  • In a healthy, sound horse ESMT enhances movement which would particularly benefit Dressage, and increases range of motion and stamina which would benefit Racing, Eventing and Endurance.

Prior to ESMT permission must be sought from your vet

Benefits of ESMT

  • Increases Range of Movement - More flexibility around joints.
  • Promotes Muscle Tone - Important for posture and also the need to move quickly without causing damage to muscles.
  • Increases Blood Flow - Improves oxygen rich blood flow to extremities, also helps with stress.
  • Aids the Lymphatic System - Removes toxins and damaged cells, fights infection.
  • Releases Endorphins - Makes the horse relax and feel good.
  • Muscle Balance - Imbalance can be a result of over exercising, under exercising, overload or injury.


£45 per massage

Each treatment takes approx 60 minutes. (Discounts available for 2+ massages)

Travel Expenses from Kingsbridge

Up to 20 miles = FREE
20-30 miles = £5
30-40 miles = £10
40+ miles = CONTACT ME



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