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As a competitive sportsman in the Masters age range it is inevitable that I suffer from the age related problems of arthritis as well as collecting the normal sports related sprains and strains.
Several years ago I commenced using Broccoli Rub and found to my surprise that it’s positive effect was almost immediate. I had through age, sore and arthritic knees and after rubbing in Broccoli Rub twice daily the pain was not just reduced it completely disappeared.

I am a competitive Masters indoor rower and hold several World and British national records over various distances and in addition I have for the last four consecutive years achieved the Gold Medal in the 2000 meter and 500 meter races at the British Indoor Rowing Championships held at the Olympic Vela drone in London every December. In the course of a year I row well over 1 million meters in training including a good deal of High Intensive Interval Training and Cross Fit and weight training off the rower so I experience the normal short term injuries that occur in all highly competitive athletes. I have found that Broccoli Rub helps immensely in reducing the pain and soreness produced by these injuries. In addition there have been no side effects from the regular use of Broccoli Rub either externally on the skin or internally.

I am quite convinced that I have been able to attain my fitness and break records because of the benefits I have received from Broccoli Rub.

Mike Hurley
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