Deborah Royce Life Coaching

Deborah Royce Life Coaching


Harbour House, The Promenade
South Hams, South Devon
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Main Contact:
Deborah Royce
Mobile Number:
07402 017762
Opening Hours:
By appointment at Harbour House
Call me on 07402 017762 for more info and to book

Deborah Royce is an experienced coach and mindfulness meditation teacher, helping her clients to move forward to a life they want. She has been working in this and associated fields for more than 20 years.

Deborah Royce

CertifiedTransformational Life Coach (LTW)
Certified Eating Psychology Coach (IPE)
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher in training
Credentialed ACC by the International Coach Federation.

Life Coaching

We all experience various levels of difficulty and stress in our lives.
It could be from relationship concerns, work problems, overloaded schedules, worry about children, eating issues, illness, physical pain and other life stressors. These and other typical life situations can be a wake-up call and an opportunity for change.

Through coaching, I can help you to see what is possible for you and support you to move forward from current difficulties, in a way that enables you to live life from your inner wisdom.

This will bring more joy, clarity and confidence in following your life decisions and lead to a happier and more fulfilled life.

You already have the answers, I am here to help you to find them.

Some of the outcomes most commonly reached following coaching:

  • More clarity, confidence, fulfilment and ease in life

  • Moving from feeling stuck to living fully and being confident about choices and decisions to be made

  • Connecting to and aligning with your inner resources of creativity and wisdom

  • Improving your relationship with food and loving your body

  • Finding and living by your soul purpose, feeling spiritually connected

  • Improving your relationship with yourself and your external relationships

  • Living life with a spring in your step


Coaching is about enabling you to move forward, towards the life you want.

My coaching takes place either at Harbour House in Kingsbridge, Devon or via Skype or phone.
Coaching sessions are 50 mins long, please ask me re pricing which is dependent on whether it is face to face coaching or online/phone and also how many sessions you choose to book.

The ONE reason to work with me as your coach is because you need support to make a change. You may know exactly the change you’d like to make, or you might just feel things need to change but not know what or how. It may be yo yo dieting, needing help with life challenges, weight issues, stress, relationship problems and many other situations.

You just know that something in your life needs to be different. 

Coaching will help you gain a great deal of clarity in what you want and why it matters so much to you. My job is to help you navigate your way to sustainable change that will increase your wellbeing and happiness and reduce your stress.

Contact me to have a discussion and find out more about coaching.



Deborah Royce Life Coaching
Deborah Royce Life Coaching
Deborah Royce Life Coaching
Deborah Royce Life Coaching
Deborah Royce Life Coaching
Deborah Royce Life Coaching


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