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South Hams, South Devon

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Hannah Hunt
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07500 058094

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A Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in female mental health and low self-esteem. clinics in both Blackawton and Paignton and can help with anxiety, depression, phobias and much more. With Hannah you can trust that you will be listened to in confidence and heard with understanding.

Each of us will experience hypnotherapy in our own unique way. During your hypnotherapy, I will be led by you as we work with your individual personality and life experiences. Your personal hypnotherapy will help you to make your changes, stop the behaviour of self-sabotage and reveal a lighter, brighter you, shining brightly as you walk your new path of excellence.

I am based at The Devon Clinic in Paignton and Blackawton near Totnes

I am here to help.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Our conscious mind gets on with the immediate, the thinking and doing, actively responding to our awareness of the world as it changes around us.

Our subconscious mind is the sum of all of our memories and all of our experiences, remembered and forgotten. It defines how we automatically respond, behave and believe.

When you are engaged in an automatic behaviour (often associated with driving) sometimes the conscious mind pauses, and you find that time and distance have past whilst you appear to have remained still. The conscious mind remains alert to immediate need or danger. A natural hypnosis or trance-like state occurs. Then the subconscious mind engages learnt, automatic physical activity whilst releasing space in your mind for you to ponder, imagine, solve....

I will use hypnotherapy to safely guide you into a relaxed, voluntarily, induced state of hypnosis. You will not go to sleep. We will be able to work directly with your subconscious mind and reach deep into your emotional mind. Remember, you are not asleep. 

Hypnotherapy guides you with positive affirmations and visualisations to enable you to reprogram negative and self-limiting beliefs, and lets you make positive changes to attitudes and behavior.

You can trust that as I ask you to make sure that you are comfortable, to close your eyes, to breathe deeply and to concentrate on my voice, you will be safe—safe in a completely confidential space and time that is free from prejudice and judgement.

1 - 1 Hypnotherapy

During these times of social distancing, I have introduced Hypnotherapy sessions via zoom. Zoom is a secure video call channel, which complies with GDPR. 

Online Hypnotherapy works the same as face to face sessions and you can be sure you will achieve the same level of trance, as ‘all hypnosis is self hypnosis’Hypnotherapy can help with many of the challenges we face in our life. 

Free Get to Know You Consultation

Your 1-1 hypnotherapy is tailored to you and your needs. We will spend time exploring why you have come to see me and how I can help you to move forward and achieve your goal. 

Your first visit, is about us getting to know each other and building a trust. We will discuss hypnotherapy and make sure its the right therapy for you. 

I will explain how hypnotherapy works and dispel any myths surrounding hypnosis.

Everyone is different and there are no hard and fast rules about the number of sessions someone might need. We will work together towards your unique experience of hypnotherapy.

We can arrange your sessions to suit you. 

Free 40 minute consultation (via Zoom on Phone)

I can help with...

Below are the areas I specialise in. If you have a concern that isn’t listed, please contact me and we can discuss how I can help you. 

  • Move Past Anxiety and Depression
  • Build on Low Self-esteem and Confidence
  • Conquer Negative Beliefs
  • Live a Healthy lifestyle
  • Feel Calm and Relaxed
  • Overcome Fears and Phobias

Contact Hannah today on 07500 058094 or through the green contact button.


Hannah Hunt Hypnotherapy
Hannah Hunt Hypnotherapy
Hannah Hunt Hypnotherapy
Hannah Hunt Hypnotherapy
Hannah Hunt Hypnotherapy
Hannah Hunt Hypnotherapy


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