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Rebecca Allen

Joined Up Writing - An integrated approach to all your business writing needs - web content, press releases, blog posts and more

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‘It’s on the list’

If you’re like most small businesses I know, you don’t have just one ‘To Do’ list, you have several.

In fact, you’ve probably got lists of lists which never seem to get any shorter.

And when you’re really busy (which is almost always) you don’t even have time to make lists; all the stuff you’ve got to do just rattles around and around inside your head.

‘I’ll get around to it - really, I will’

Ok, maybe, with a few more hours in the day and a bit more headspace, you could get to grips with this writing malarkey yourself. Probably. But, as you know, there are any number of things related to running a business which simply won’t wait. What price your time and peace of mind?

That one thing …

So, just pause for a moment. Have a think. What’s that one writing task you know you’ve got to get around to but keep putting off? Content for the website, that press release, that blog? What is it?

Then, can you find the words which will inspire people to remember you and talk about you to their families, colleagues and friends? And, crucially, to become your customers?

Feeling the frustration? The knot in your stomach from all the procrastination? Now imagine being able to make a call and solve the problem once and for all. How good does that feel?

No more brain-ache

The only thing you need to do is pick up the phone or send me, Rebecca Allen, a message and we’ll talk it through.

While we’re chatting I’ll be getting a good feel for what you want to say, how you want to say it, who you want to say it to and why.

You may already have all the material I need to get going or you may need me to do more research. If it’s complex, we may need to sit down together to map the project out. Either way, once I have a good understanding of what’s required, I’ll drop you a line to confirm our discussion, together with a timescale and an estimate of what it’s going to cost. Once you’re happy, I’ll get to work. It’s as simple as that.

Want to read some examples of what I've written for other clients? Visit the blog page.

Commercial photography

With the growth of the internet and online searching, your website could be your most important shop window, and first impressions count. The pictures you use can be as important as the words to illustrate your products or services, and to convey your message and positioning in the marketplace.

Social media is no different. Due to the daily bombardment of information we are all subject to, your posts need to stand out. Great photography is a sure-fire way to achieve this, and to encourage people to click through and read more.

If you need pictures taken of your workplaces, people or products, then please get in touch. You can see varied examples of the images I've taken in the gallery below.

copywriting | web content | proofreading | social media | photography


Joined Up Writing Photography
Joined Up Writing Photography
Joined Up Writing Photography
Joined Up Writing Photography
Joined Up Writing Photography
Joined Up Writing Photography
Joined Up Writing Photography
Joined Up Writing Photography
Joined Up Writing Photography
Joined Up Writing Photography
Joined Up Writing Photography
Joined Up Writing Photography


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