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Modbury May Fair

Modbury May Fair

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Nick and Clare Owen
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Event Date
May 02, 2020
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May 10, 2020

The Historic Modbury Fair 

Modbury once again opens up it’s heart to this fabulous annual festival of events. For Modbury residents, it heralds the arrival of spring, it cements the community together and opens arms wide to friends, neighbours and visitors; 

there is something for everyone.

The History

The right to hold a nine-day Fair was granted to Modbury in 1329. The Charter, which is read annually by the Portreeve on May 3rd, the eve of the old St. George’s Day, announces the commencement of the Fair and traditionally allowed various relaxations of the Country’s Laws. This freedom was symbolized by the Glove, which, on a pole surrounded by flowers, was hung on the building that was the Bell Inn in Broad Street. The Fair was re-established in 1971. The Town Crier reads the Charter and the Glove is still hung on the same building. Modbury’s very own Town Crier, David Scott, will be officiating and will herald the events throughout the Fair.

The theme for this years Modbury May Fair is 

Adventures From Around the World 

This year, to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE day the bank holiday 

has been moved to Friday 8th May. This has required quite a lot of juggling and some of the events are not scheduled in their usual place and time so check out the At a Glance section, to be sure you can book the things you want to go to or be involved in. 

To celebrate VE75 in style we will be putting on a spectacular day-long family event up at the recreation ground and this shouldn’t be missed. 

This year also marks Mayflower 2020 –  where 400 years ago the ship, Mayflower, set sail from Plymouth to America. Known as the Pilgrim Fathers these people are the direct ancestors of the 30+ million US citizens of today. 

Food for thought when organising your carnival entry. The world is your oyster! Set sail for America as a Pilgrim Father or perhaps you could head off on a gap year, go around the world in 80 days, set sail in a hot air balloon or re-enact the Wright brothers’ first flight down Church Street.

There are no limits to your imagination with this topic. 

 All your favourites events will be happening:

The Royal crowning and Glove Ceremony; The Carnival and the Market; 

The Modbury mile; The pet show, Car Boot Sale, Gospel singing, walks 

bike trails, cream teas and much, much more.