Passion for Colour

Passion for Colour

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Alison Veazey
Contact Number
01548 854708
Harbour House, The Promenade, Kingsbridge, TQ7 1JD
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Event Date
May 22, 2018
End Date
June 03, 2018
Start / End Time
10 am - 5 pm
Special / Notes
ground floor art gallery

A joyous, uplifting and sophisticated exhibition of paintings and mixed media works by Ian Carr and F G Davis

Ian Carr’s paintings refer mainly to landscape, exploring colour and surface.
My paintings are responses to the environment. When you paint something so much is removed - scale, movement, sound, smell, touch, so you are left with having to communicate all that through the remaining sense. I aim to paint the experience of looking at something rather than recording figuratively what I see. I like to analyse what qualities are holding my attention and explore the visual elements that will enable me to share that experience.

F G Davis says:

For me colour and surface quality are two essential building blocks in the process of making any work. They form an individual language which can tap the essence of emotion and inspire the imagination. Through this instinctive process of observing, remembering, interpreting and dissecting a subject the painter reduces concrete existence into pure elements of light, space and volume. Intellectual and emotional responses are combined to re-interpret perceptions into a newly ordered reality, both for the artist as well as the viewer. A successful painting can take them both on a journey revealing a new way of seeing and understanding and this is often achieved most effectively when integrity and passion are transmitted through the work.


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