‘The River Dart Struggle ‘ Raft Race - No Event For 2019

‘The River Dart Struggle ‘ Raft Race

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Organiser Name
Geoffrey Hyde
Start at Dart Bridge, Buckfastleigh and finish at Totnes
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Start / End Time
8am to 3pm
£40 Per Head

The Totnes Raft Race, known as ‘The River Dart Struggle ‘ It takes place along the river Dart starting at Dart Bridge, Buckfastleigh, and on through a mixture of white water, fast flowing weirs and calm stretches, and makes its way down to the finish in Totnes, a distance of some 13 Kilometres This is acknowledged as one of the great river challenges.

This is an ideal corporate or group team building exercise, but with a difference, each team must make their own raft out of a restricted list of approved materials. Crews between 2 to 10 people per raft, all male, all female or mixed, over the age of 18, can take part in an exciting struggle to the finish.