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It is a complete mystery to me why the complete fiasco known as the new 'Super recycling service", as it was so inaccurately called, has been allowed to continue for so long and why complaints fron local residents have been nonchalently dismissed, brushed aside, call it what you will. It boiled down to nothing being done to improve the system and indicates complete contempt for residents, who do their recycling and pay their Council Tax bills.

I personally have contacted various council members, including Judy Pearce, with no improvements offered. Usually just advice to report missed collections. What is the point when missed collections have become the norm!

I live in a very small village which since the new arrangement has been placed on two different systems of recycling collection...some have the old bag system and others, their neighbours, have the new recycling boxes, which I might say, when full, are difficult for elderly residents to carry down drives. Two systems, so two different sets of lorries to collect the recycling. As far as I can see the recycling materials which residents have carefully separated into different containers are all thrown into one single container and then into the back of a lorry!

The sooner the people responsible for this fiasco are out office, the better as far as I am concened. Let's have the return of the system which served us well for so many years.
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