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Recent News

Salcombe Harbour Authority remind people not to touch shellfish boxes
Category: General News
Salcombe Harbour Authority has posted on social media to remind people not to touch the shellfish boxes in the...
Police issue fresh call for witnesses in Mee Kuen Chong murder case
Category: General News
Police are appealing for witnesses who may have walked through the Bennett Road area of Salcombe prior to Mee...
Parish council will object to removal of affordable homes requirement
Category: General News
Malborough Parish Council says its will object to the application to remove the affordable housing at the Alston Gate...
SHDC is asking for your input on their 20 year plan for the South Hams
Category: General News
South Hams District Council has begun developing a "20 year vision for the district" and now they would like...
Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) are being modernised
Category: Members' News
Now is the time to act. For many people considering their Lasting Powers of Attorney...
Kingsbridge Food Bank thanks Tesco for huge donation
Category: General News
Kingsbridge Food Bank thanks Tesco and their customers after donation of 40 trays during their National Food Collection Weekend....
An open air cinema, public transport improvement and support for businesses with new grants
Category: General News
Dartmouth, Kingsbridge and Totnes will receive funding from South Hams District Council to "help their town centres bounce back...
Number of Covid-19 cases in the South Hams leaps up again
Category: COVID-19 News
Covid-19 cases in the South Hams are continuing to rise - fast.
Want a modern and streamlined way to market and rent your holiday home?
Category: Members' News
A new opportunity for rental properties has come to the South Hams in the shape of Pass The Keys....
Two taken to hospital after gas leak in Totnes salon
Category: General News
Two women were taken to hospital as a precaution after a leak from a fridge in a high street...
Woman charged with the murder of Mee Kuen Chong
Category: General News
Detectives have charged a woman with the murder of Mee Kuen Chong, 67, from Wembley, who was found dead...
Stunning video of a leatherback turtle captured off the South Hams coast
Category: General News
Two fisherman have filmed a leatherback turtle off the coast of the South Hams, shared by BBC Radio Devon....
'Magic Roundabout' causes drama in Dartmouth, but the characters may made a comeback
Category: General News
A new roundabout in Dartmouth, nicknamed the ‘Magic Roundabout’ has been causing issues for local people for months, from...
Warning about Weever fish as the masses head to the beaches
Category: General News
A warning about weever fish has gone almost viral as people prepare to head to the beaches in the...