Police rescue hedgehog from swimming pool - ask people to consider access options

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Police rescue hedgehog from swimming pool ask people to consider access options

A Totnes police officer rescued a hedgehog "moments away from giving up" out of an outdoor swimming pool in Dartington.

A Totnes police officer posted on social media to ask people to consider access to their secure locations after they rescued a hedgehog from an outdoor swimming pool in Dartington. 

The officer said that they spotted the hedgehog "who had managed to out smart the secure fencing of an outdoor swimming pool" while on patrol.

They said the hedgehog was "moments away from giving up" when the officer managed to locate someone who had the code for the gates and rescued the hedgehog out of the pool.

They said: "Local residents then stepped in to care for the hedgehog who was later released."

They continued: "This rescue has prompted us to think about other secure locations that may at some time need the police to gain entry. The local team do hold some keys and some codes to locations to either patrol or to have available if there is an emergency."

If you would like to give the police key codes to somewhere secure so they can access it in an emergency, email them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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