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Classic FM is trying to help dogs and pets during firework season

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Classic FM is trying to help dogs and pets during firework season

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South Hams pet owners have been sharing news that Classic FM is aiming to help nervous pets during firework night by playing "the most calming music". 

Classic FM’s Pet Classics, presented by Charlotte Hawkins, a show dedicated to "keeping you and your pet relaxed during fireworks season".

The programmes will be on the air between 6pm to 10pm on Friday, 5 November, and Saturday, 6 November, when fireworks season is "in its peak" and will play the "most calming music". 

The Classic FM website states: "Bonfire night can be a stressful time for animals because of the loud noises and bright lights, which is why our show is designed especially for pets.

"Charlotte has an evening of specially curated soothing music to help calm the nerves of our favourite furry (or scaly) companions, and ease the stress during the noise and bright lights." 

To listen to Classic FM, follow this LINK or tune into 100-102FM. 

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