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Family "feel like part of the community" after people rush to their aid after a fall

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Family "feel like part of the community" after people rush to their aid after a fall

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People rushed to the aid of a woman who fell in Hope Cove, prompting her granddaughter to publicly thank them for their help. 

Jean Gamble, who was on holiday with her husband Terry and her family a couple of weeks ago, was on the steps going up to the breakwater in Hope Cove when she suffered a "nasty" fall, resulting in a shattered knee and a wrist broken in two places. 

The help she received that day, prompted her granddaughter Emma O'Donnell to take to social media to publicly thank those who assisted her Nana, saying that they "made us feel as though we were part of your community and that's not something many places could achieve". 

Jean Gamble and her dog Cody, taken the day before the accident

Emma posted: "My family and I would like to say a massive thank you to the many people who helped a couple of weeks ago when my Nana suffered a rather nasty fall down in Hope Cove. We would've posted sooner but felt with the tragedy that happened just days later it wasn't appropriate. 

"We are forever grateful to the harbour master (Sean), the community first responder (Jill), Dave (so sorry if I have your name wrong), Gemma, and everyone else who helped with my little boy, the dogs and my Nana."

Jean, 82, from Hertfordshire, who along with her family have been visiting Hope Cove and Thurlestone for more than 30 years, is now "doing well" and "very glad to be home now" according to Emma. She spent a week in Torbay Hospital and underwent a surgery and is due to have another when she is "a bit more steady on her feet". 

Later, Emma added: "We would just like to stress how amazing it was for the community to come together as it did. Not only from helping my Nana, but driving my Grandad back to Thurlestone to get his car as we had all walked over, locals helping me with my little boy and the dogs, everyone around dropped everything to help. 

"Jill, Sean, Ali and everyone else who administered first aid and kept my Nana safe while the tide came in were wonderful. We honestly couldn't believe the community response. Thank you ❤️"

Sean Hassell, harbourmaster, commented: "Pleased she is on the way to recovery. Ali the other harbour master was off duty but also joined in providing the chair and carrying help. We are very fortunate to have a community that will always go that extra mile to make it a better place for all!"

Jill Beavis, Community First Responder, told Emma: "She was the most amazing and stoic patient I have ever dealt with. So brave. Such a high pain threshold. Bless her. Your Grandfather also amazed us all by without effort just put in the post code to Torbay and off they went. An amazing couple. Give them my best and hope she gets back to full recovery and can come back to Hope Cove soon and see us all." 

We are so glad Jean is feeling better and we hope she comes back to visit the South Hams and it's lovely people soon! 

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