Following dog rescued by the coastguard, plea to keep pets on leads on cliffs

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Following dog rescued by the coastguard, plea to keep pets on leads on cliffs

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A member of staff at the East Soar Outdoor Experience posted on social media to plead with dog owners to keep their pets on a lead as "yet another dog is sitting, terrified on a cliff ledge". 

The staff member posted: "As I type this yet another dog is sitting, terrified on a cliff ledge, with the very brave Coastguard trying everything to [save] it."

They said that since they moved to the site more than ten years ago, an average of five dogs a year are lost on the cliffs around East Soar. Some are sadly never found. 

They said: "Please, please, please, keep your dog on a lead (especially if you are a visitor to this area) when walking on the cliffs. These cliffs are unpredictable, dogs are not able to judge the edge, and if running could easily fall over.

"Our thoughts are of course with the current family who are experiencing horrendous anxiety and fear. We are also so grateful to the brave coastguard for trying everything to assist them." 

The dog, Rufus, was rescued in the end by Prawle Point Rescue Team, who also posted on social media to remind people to keep dogs on leads on the cliff. They said: "Whilst on this rescue we had to remind several people to either keep back from the cliff edge or to put leads on their dogs.
No matter how well trained your dog is, it has a mind of its own and can become distracted by wildlife.



Image: still from video shared by Prawle Point Rescue Team on Facebook 

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