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Mary Portas 'Queen of Shops' calls Kingsbridge business's window display "sheer class"

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Mary Portas 'Queen of Shops' calls Kingsbridge business's window display "sheer class"

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Mark Davis Antiques was named by the Queen of Shops Mary Portas in her shortlist of three winning shop windows. 

Posting on her social media, Mary Portas has started a monthly ... where she asks people to send her their favourite shop windows from where they live to celebrate the artistry and beauty that independent shops on the high street can create with their frontages. 

Hundreds of people answered her call to nominate their favourite window displays and Mark Davis Antiques made it to the first 'final three' winners, where Mary just said: "Mark Davis Antiques - Sheer class. That is all." 

Mark from Mark Davis Antiques said: "It was a great surprise. A customer had forwarded a couple of images to Mary of previous windows. Everyone knows it is my wife Danielle who creates these amazing window designs and she received a link from Mary stating she had put us in, her top three windows, for independent businesses."

Mary herself said: "Hundreds of you responded to my call out for your favourite shop windows. And first up, let me say that you independents have got an army of wonderfully loyal customers who took the time to nominate you. 

"What’s really touched me though as I’ve gone through the messages - and I’ve read every one - is the love, story telling, artistry and thought behind your windows. I didn’t see a single one that looked lazy.

"But let me say this to all of you: your imagination, creativity and care about how you connect to your local communities is a lesson some of the bigger players should learn from. You are a vital heartbeat in our high streets. 

"I’ll do more of this in future. But if I haven’t featured you this time then please know that you’re doing wonderful work. You lot really are an inspiration." 


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