Logs, coal and … elephant grass in the South Hams ?

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We’re all for a bit of positive thinking at SouthHams.com but, let’s face it, it’s only January and warmer weather is still a long way off. Most likely you’ll need to keep those home fires aflame for a few months yet. The question is, how do you decide what to burn?

You might think the choice is pretty simple – there’re logs and there’s coal, right? Well …

‘Yes, it’s true that seasoned or kiln-dried hardwood logs are amongst our best-sellers every year,’ James Parker of Winter Fuel Store agrees. ‘There’s also a high demand for coal – many different types depending on use, budget and heat output required – but a lot of our customers are now demanding cost effective eco-friendly alternatives as well,’ he adds.

Such as?

‘Ok, for a start we’ve got eco-fuel briquettes,’ These premium hardwood briquettes, or heat logs as they are also known, are the hottest and longest burning solid biomass fuel product available. They are made from 100% recycled highly compressed sawdust with no additives. ‘At the moment you can buy three 10kg briquettes for the special offer price of only £13.’

Sounds good. Anything else?

‘Well, then there’s the Burly Burn.’ Sorry, say again? ‘Burly Burn! It’s another type of briquette we’ve sourced that’s manufactured in Cornwall and the beauty of it is, it can be used in your wood stove, on your open fire or in any solid fuel appliance. It’s extremely long lasting with a lovely flame, low smoke, no sparks or spitting and is also carbon neutral. We love it!’ (£5.50 for a single 15kg pack).

Ok, so what’s it made of? ‘Ah, yes, now that would be 100% Miscanthus, elephant grass to you and me!’ says James. Seriously? ‘Yep, and team it up with our recycled kindling (from £4.35 for a cushion) and our Flamer firelighters (twists of untreated wax-dipped fine wood shavings from renewable wood waste at £3.25 each) and you’ll be eco all the way!’

Wow! How cool (sorry, hot) is that?

The Winter Fuel Store at Parkland, Sorley Green Cross, TQ7 4AF is open every day from 9.30am to 6pm for cash and carry (plenty of parking), and also offers FREE local delivery to Kingsbridge and surrounding villages in the South Hams. For more information contact James or Tracey on 01548 852723 or BUY ONLINE at their website www.winterfuelstore.co.uk.

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