The locally made anti inflammatory pain relief that everyone’s talking about…

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The locally made anti inflammatory pain relief that everyone’s talking about…

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Tim Somner is the inventor and distributor of Broccoli Rub. A magical potion made from the finest ingredients which works quickly and effectively on many common ailments. It has no known side effects and is completely natural and organic. This very local product is creating a real buzz locally. Let’s find out more…

Tell us a little about Broccoli Rub

It’s a new product based on a natural ingredient - Broccoli! When crushed it releases a powerful anti-inflammatory called Sulphuraphane It’s unusual because it’s very effective, fast acting and has no known side effects. It’s a topical treatment and you have to rub it into the affected area - around fifty rubs. It’s a care, comfort and wellbeing product made entirely of natural pure ingredients. It has passed the EU INCI regulations and passed all the tests with the trading standards people. Using broccoli and other brassicas as an anti-inflammatory product isn’t necessarily a new idea. People have been doing it for centuries. I’ve taken that idea and made it shelf-stable. Once opened your pot of Broccoli Rub will last for 12 whole months.

What can Broccoli Rub be used for?

It can be used on joint inflammation, muscle discomfort, backache, bruising, knee relief, wrist soreness, insect bites and bruises to name but a few. It’s a fabulous alternative natural remedy to many daily ailments that people have. It’s worth having in your first aid kit, in your car, in your tool box and your handbag!

What effect does Broccoli Rub have on your clients?

My first client was me. I lived down 120 steps in Dartmouth and my knees began to give out. At the time I was listening to a podcast from Johns Hopkins University who were using broccoli to cure lumps on a gentleman’s head. They tested the use of broccoli and recorded the results with the use of time lapse photography. Their results were interesting. I decided that as I had a laboratory background I should give this a go for my knees. Originally I did the same as they did and simply used fresh broccoli and it seemed to work almost immediately - literally within fifteen minutes. These days we use broccoli sprout powder as well as turmeric and a number of other natural organic ingredients that are good for the skin and general wellbeing.

Another time I was hammering in a six inch nail and managed to hit my thumb instead of the nail. Now anyone who’s done this knows the agony of it and the almost immediate swelling which ensues followed by a black nail which ultimately falls off. I thought I’d give the Broccoli Rub a go and oh my gosh, the results were incredible. My nail didn’t even discolour.

I had a lovely review sent in from a client who’s a gardener with tennis elbow, a sore knee and a sore shoulder. She was over the moon with the results. So much so that she’s recommended it to a number of her customers.

A lady from Plympton has been using it twice a day and has been able to cancel her regular knee injections.

A 90 year old lady wrote to me to say that it’s really helped with her pain and she’s managed to do a swirl around the kitchen.

I love hearing from my clients. There’s nothing better than hearing how well it’s working for people and what a difference it’s making to their lives. It makes it all so worthwhile.

What did you do before Broccoli Rub?

I’ve done all sorts of things but primarily I’m an inventor. I’ve invented several things. All of which are very different from each other. I’ve worked on security devices with help from the Department of Trade and Industry and a technical solution which senses activity on a railway crossing and informs the driver of the train. I like to find a problem and solve it.

How can people purchase Broccoli Rub?

It's available to buy either direct from me on the telephone or online via PayPal. I’ll pop it in the post straight away. Visit my listing or my website for further details. It’s £14.20 for a 40 gram container or there are discounts for multiple purchases. 2 for £19.80, 3 for £29, 4 for £36 or 5 for £42. All prices include postage and packaging. Christmas is just around the corner and it would make a great Christmas gift so why not buy one for yourself and one for a friend at the same time?

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