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Kingsbridge Community College rated Good by Ofsted

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Kingsbridge Community College rated Good by Ofsted

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Kingsbridge Community College has been rated Good by Ofsted in the first inspection since 2008. 

Kingsbridge Community College was rated Good in Overall Effectiveness as well as five other areas:

  • Quality of education
  • Behaviour and attitudes
  • Personal development
  • Leadership and management
  • Sixth-form provision

The full Ofsted report states that the way that schools are judged has changed since the last inspection carried out at KCC, and the way that ratings are given to schools has also changed, meaning it is harder to achieve the highest rating of Outstanding, which the school achieved during Ofsted's last visit 15 years ago. 

Comments made by inspectors include that pupils benefit from a "good education" and school leaders are "highly ambitious for all pupils".

The report reads:

What is it like to attend the school? 

"Pupils enjoy their lessons and their learning. Sixth-form students contribute widely to the life of the school. Younger pupils describe sixth-form students as role models.

"Leaders have high expectations for pupils’ behaviour. Pupils say they have a trusted adult they can speak to when they have concerns. Some pupils and parents express concerns about bullying. However, when pupils report an incident, leaders deal with it. Pupils learn about bullying through a well-planned curriculum. As a result, incidents of bullying have reduced.

"Sixth-form students passionately lead the newly formed house system. They speak enthusiastically with pupils and school leaders. Pupils feel listened to. For example, the introduction of a skateboarding club followed a request from pupils.

"A wide range of extra-curricular clubs run for pupils. Clubs include sports, arts, board games and climbing. Through the ‘discovery curriculum’, leaders frequently talk to pupils and check who takes part. This helps leaders to understand what is going well and how to ensure all pupils benefit. Many pupils performed in a recent school musical production. Having two casts over four nights increased the number of pupils who could take part."

What does the school do well and what does it need to do better?

"Leaders have developed a well-sequenced and ambitious curriculum. To do this, they have collaborated across the trust and with their subject teams. They have explicitly identified the important knowledge pupils will learn and when they will learn it. Leaders ensure teachers share and deepen their own subject knowledge.

"Pupils learn knowledge and skills securely before moving on further with their learning. This helps pupils to build their confidence. They revisit what they have learned previously, in lessons and through homework tasks. This means they remember more over time. Teachers systematically check how well pupils have understood and correct misconceptions. Teachers help pupils with each step in their learning.

"The sixth-form curriculum is precise and clear. Teaching is suitably challenging. Students build on what they have learned before and from the teaching they receive. As a result, they learn very well.

"In lessons, expectations and routines are clear and consistent. Most pupils concentrate on their learning. As a result, lessons are calm and orderly. The minority of pupils who do not concentrate, continue their learning in a designated room elsewhere in the school. This minimises any loss of learning time.

"Through the Kingsbridge ‘reading canon’, leaders expose pupils to a broad range of texts. This includes a diverse selection of novels. Pupils read or listen to their teachers reading aloud regularly.

"Some pupils, who are in the early stages of learning to read, follow a recently introduced phonics programme. However, its implementation is not systematic or accurate enough. This hinders pupils’ learning.

"Teachers receive useful up-to-date information to support pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). They use this to adapt teaching and provide extra help in lessons. Leaders ensure sixth-form courses meet the needs of students with SEND.

"Leaders have planned the personal, social and health education (PSHE) curriculum with care. Subject specialists teach the PSHE curriculum. Pupils learn about sexual relations, consent and respect appropriately for their different ages. The school celebrates diversity and difference widely. Pupils say the school community is welcoming and inclusive.

"The careers curriculum provides pupils and students with high-quality information about training, education and employment. The curriculum begins in Year 7. It prepares pupils well for making choices about what to do next.

"Leaders are clear about the priorities for the school. They ensure the school is an inclusive community. Leaders have acted decisively to raise standards and expectations. However, some parents believe communication is not effective enough, particularly for those parents who have a child with SEND.

"Trust leaders and governors provide robust challenge and support to leaders. Staff feel that leaders consider their workload and well-being carefully."


"The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.

"Leaders provide regular training for staff and governors. Staff report concerns promptly. Leaders take timely and effective action in response. They work closely with external agencies and the community to care for vulnerable pupils and their families.

"Leaders make necessary checks when recruiting new staff. Governors monitor the impact of leaders’ work to protect pupils.
Pupils learn to keep themselves safe online and in the community. They are positive about learning how to look after their mental health. Pupils value the pastoral support they receive."

You can download the full Ofsted report from Kingsbridge Community College's website HERE

We have contacted the school and expect a comment about the Ofsted report on Monday. 


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