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Devon Moth Man branches out into framing and also wants to nurture the next generations of artists

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Devon Moth Man branches out into framing and also wants to nurture the next generations of artists

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You may know him as The Moth Man, but Andre Daniel is spreading his wings to not only frame your artwork at his studio, but also to guide and support the next generation of artists. 

Andre has been framing his own unique artwork for a decade now, working with 3D mediums and bespoke designs to really accentuate the look and impact the piece has, and now he is wanting to create that for other people, as well as sharing his intimate knowledge of the industry to up and coming artists. 

While most people would see framing as the way to mount art on the wall, Andre wants to “explore the very best that art can be” and help his clients achieve that. 

Andre has framed everything from a 25kg rock to a 400-million-year-old fossil and can create a scene in a frame that compliments not only your art but also the room it is destined for. 

Andre explained: “I can make your artwork fit with the plan you have for your interior, encompassing your colour scheme, tones, where the light source is, everything, to make the best composition that I can.

“A change of interior design or home doesn’t mean you have to part with your favourite pieces too. A frame that works in a London townhouse isn’t the same one that would work in a modern, bright barn conversion for instance, and changing the framing of a painting can bring the whole thing to life in its new setting, and can completely change the feel and bring the same piece right up-to-date.”

It is not just framing for the general public, but for artists to display their work in the best possible way. Andre can not only create the best frame for your art, but also has a photographer on site to take photos for your Giclée printing for limited edition runs and get you ready for your exhibition or sale. 

Andre has a state-of-the-art Gunnar cutting machine and months of training on the new Computer Mountboard Cutter systems, meaning that he can create a story with your framing, create a bespoke design that truly speaks to the image you are trying to display. 

“I have taken the training on the tech and software to its limits and what you can create is stunning. We are not a quaint, little, sleepy, romantic rural framer, we can go above and beyond and create something really unique and magical.”

His skills also come with an extensive background and knowledge about the art industry and he can help young, passionate artists from avoiding the pitfalls that are out there and save them from wasting money. 

“Often framing can be the first hurdle an artist comes up against”, Andre explained, “I was able to create a living for myself through my art, so I have been there and done that, and I want to facilitate the next generation of artists to be as successful as they can be.

“Art is struggling and I want to help people navigate the industry without making the expensive mistakes that lots of people can make. I want to really boost the experience people have when they come to me and I am happy to give back anything I can to future artists.”

Andre Daniel Framing can be found at his Devon Moths Studio, Snawdon Mill, Yealmbridge, Yealmpton. You can find out more about him at his listing HERE, call 01752 881540 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and find out what Andre can do for you, your artwork and even your future. 


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