New exhibition opening on 4th April 2016 – don’t miss it!

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Mayne Gallery Art Exhibition - April 2016

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Mayne Gallery of Kingsbridge is famed for the diversity of highly talented local artists, sculptors and craftspeople it represents. Its latest exhibition ‘The Art of Devon’ opening to the public on Monday 4th April will be no exception; call in and you will see for yourself that there really are no limits to the imagination expressed through art.

There will be a new body of work on display from self-taught artist James Bonstow, whose striking monochrome watercolours of river and woodland scenes have been inspired in part by his love of the River Dart ...

Watercolour and pastel artist, Wendy Chudley, will be exhibiting her trademark atmospheric minimalist landscapes of sea and sky which have been winning her wide acclaim since she first picked up a brush just eight years ago. Following a severe break of her right wrist she now has to work with her left hand which makes her stunning artwork all the more remarkable.

The vibrant and lustrous glasswork of Sophie Gregson will also feature. Her pieces are a celebration of light and texture and her favourites are those which ‘make you want to reach out and touch them,’ she says.

Joining them will be 19-year-old ironworker James Portsmouth whose latest work is guaranteed to be a show-stopper. His sculpture, POISE, an elegant and finely balanced abstraction of a horse’s head constructed from multiple metal discs, has attracted significant attention at the gallery since its installation.

Finally, Mayne Gallery is proud to be exhibiting the breathtaking work of ‘Mothman’ Andre Daniel (pictured above). Andre’s unique and intricate depictions of moths made from shavings of fallen and reclaimed wood are the culmination of years of furniture making skill and close observations of moths in nature. There is simply nothing quite like them anywhere else in the world.

The creativity embodied by the works on display is sure to leave a lasting impression, and if there is one extraordinary piece you just can’t leave without, have a chat with Claire, Christine or Graham at the gallery and they will be happy to help. For more information ahead of the event, visit

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