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Not so long ago, I was invited along to my little niece’s birthday bash at Hope Cove. The weather was lovely for a change and, after a leisurely lunch in the Hope & Anchor, we all headed down to the beach to watch the surfers and play with the kids. An excellent time was had by all. We then made our way back to the pub to warm up over a cup of tea, which is when things started to get a little dicey for Auntie Becca.

It’s tough being nominated chief entertainments officer for a pair of restless two-year-olds, even if it is only for an hour or so! Out came the colouring books and (allegedly) washable felt tip pens. Then it was a play kitchen in a box. The last resort was a packet of snacks and a lesson in sharing.

It didn’t take long for Maisy to catch on. Very soon, for every snack she ate, she was offering one to her little playmate and to all the adults around the table, too. Needless to say, the grown-ups were very appreciative, much to Maisy’s delight, and she couldn’t wait to share some more.

It’s not much different in our business community either. The more we ‘Like’ and share stories about our members on Facebook and other social media, the more it helps them and benefits everyone else as well.

Take the recent post about Andrew Nicol's new business, Moving Tides Sea Kayaking, for example. The level of response and support shown for Andrew on Facebook has been fantastic and it’s been great to be a part of that. So, check out our blog posts on and on our Facebook page and get liking and sharing. Who knows, it might even make you feel a bit warm and fuzzy like us, too!

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