There's nothing better than pizza, and no better pizza than Pizza Planet

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There's nothing better than pizza, and no better pizza than Pizza Planet

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When it comes to snuggling up on the sofa in front of a film, there is nothing better than to do it with a pizza; and when it comes to pizza, there is nothing better than a Pizza Planet pizza. 

Run by owner Wayne Grills since 2009, which he bought in partnership with his mum when he was just 19, Pizza Planet has been the place to get the Italian delight in Kingsbridge for well over a decade. 

Wayne and his team of 10 are proud of the fact that Pizza Planet “does it right”. They get the most authentic ingredients, not the cheapest, they make their dough fresh everyday and they pay all their staff well above the minimum wage.

“You notice our attention to detail in the end result”, explains Wayne, and you really do. “The fact we make our dough everyday means that it isn’t full of additives to make it last two months in the freezer, and you can really taste the difference. Our chorizo is from Spain, our 00 flour is from Italy, we don’t cut corners.

Pizza Planet has also started sourcing the meat for their four flagship toppings - BBQ pulled pork, Chilli Con Carne, Moroccan Spiced Lamb and Jerk Chicken - which they make fresh from scratch, from the locally renowned The Bear and Blacksmith Butchery. 

Alongside those four delicious toppings, Pizza Planet can offer you a taste of Japan with their Yokohama pizza, a slice of Portugal with their Picanto Frango pizza and a flavour of Spain with their Espaňol. If you don’t fancy that, you can throw your taste buds around a spicy ‘Volcano’ pizza, a pork-lover’s ‘3 Little Pigs’ pizza or a vegetarian ‘Veggie Works’ pizza that can be vegan too, so something for everyone. If none of those float your boat, you can make your own from 34 different toppings! 

Once you have picked your yummy pizza, you can add your choice of nachos, wings, wedges, goujons, fries, ice-creams, drinks, and for the cherry on top - some beer or wine! What more do you need to make the perfect evening in? 

Before the global pandemic threw a spanner in everyone’s works, Pizza Planet prided itself on paying all their workers much higher than the minimum wage, and since then they have topped up all their furloughed employees’ wages to the full amount and topped up any lost wages caused by shorter shift patterns. 

“We’re not a profit-driven business”, Wayne said, “we look after our people because they look after us and our customers. Pre-Covid I was aiming to offer a £10-an-hour starting salary, all the way down to the 16-year-old shop assistants just starting out. Sadly the pandemic has scuppered that for the time being, but once everything is back to normal it is still one of my main Pizza Planet goals. 

“That and to offset all the carbon we produce. Hopefully one day we will be able to retroactively offset all our carbon output since 2005 too.”

You can find Pizza Planet on Mill Street in Kingsbridge, although they are currently only taking orders online or over the phone due to Covid. You can still collect your takeaway from the door though, with Pizza Planet sending you a text message ten minutes before your order will be ready, so you’re never waiting around in the cold. Wayne and his team are looking forward to welcoming customers into the shop in a few week’s time. 

You can find their full menu on their website: and call them on 01548 856655 to book your next amazing takeaway.

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