Extra space agreed for new skatepark in Kingsbridge

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Extra space agreed for new skatepark in Kingsbridge

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The New Kingsbridge Skatepark group is celebrating after receiving news that the larger space they consider essential has been agreed. 

Adam Sherring, member of New Kingsbridge Skatepark, posted in the group's social media page that they had had "a great meeting with South Hams District Council and Kingsbridge Town Council" and the "extra space we required to expand the current park has been agreed!"
He said that the promise of more space for the new park had "essentially been holding up any progress as we felt without this the project would not be worth pursuing". He spoke about how the current park is "not fit for purpose" in an earlier article, which you can read HERE
Adam said the next step is to create a community group "responsible for delivering much of the project in conjunction with both SHDC and KTC", which is where you can get involved if you want to. Join the New Kingsbridge Skatepark group on Facebook HERE and comment on the post by Adam to be part of it. 

Adam continued: "We want as diverse a group as possible so everyone is represented fairly. There will be regular meetings to give everyone a chance to be heard."
Then the fun bit starts and the group can start designing what the park will eventually look like. The design will be after a "thorough consultation with all users" and will be "community driven along with the contractor".
He concluded: "It will be subject to funding and planning. This isn't a quick process but SHDC hope to get engineers plans sorted soon with tendering to be sorted early 2022. Trees have been discussed and a plan implemented; this will be discussed once planning goes in.
"This project will take time, but it begins now!"
Find out more about the history of the skatepark in Kingsbridge and why it still raises hackles a decade-and-a-half-later in our previous article: Group launched to build new skatepark in Kingsbridge and heal old wounds

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