KCC student wins regional young filmmaker award and is through to the finals

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KCC student wins regional young filmmaker award and is on to the finals

A Kingsbridge Community College Sixth Form student has won the Rotary Club's Devon and Cornwall Young Filmmaker competition and is entered into the national final.  

Ralph Martin, Year 12, won Rotary International in Britain and Ireland's Devon & Cornwall Regional Young Filmmaker competition with his short film The Typewriter.

The theme for the competition this year was 'Challenge' and Ralph "interpreted this as the struggle to starting something on a blank page".

The competition is new to the Rotary club and the brief is to create a five-minute piece which shows an interpretation of the theme ‘Challenge’ and the prize is "a mentoring experience which will further enhance your talents". The competition is open to filmmakers aged between 7 and 17.

The films are judged on six points:

1. How well the film fits the annual theme
2. Story line, has it a start middle and end
3. Imagination and entertainment value; viewer engagement
4. Editing/how the film is assembled
5. Cinematography (thoughtful camera angles and shot composition)
6. Use and delivery of sound

Work goes through a local stage first, followed by the district heats and then, if selected, on to the national final.

Good luck Ralph! 

You can watch The Typewriter below. 

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