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Local mum running courses to give new parents the best start to their breastfeeding journey

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Local mum running courses to give new parents the best start to their breastfeeding journey

A local mum is running courses to help new parents have the best start possible on their breastfeeding journey. 

Steph Pope, from Loddiswell, is putting her personal experience and knowledge together to create courses for new parents to start their breastfeeding journey off in the best possible way. 

Steph has two boys, and experienced a number of challenges as she began breastfeeding them, but found there just wasn't the support locally for new mums and their partners to help them problem solve and get the most out of breastfeeding.

Since she struggled to find support for herself, it has awakened a passion for helping other parents from going through the same thing, and providing wide-ranging support to help people who want to breastfeed, to do so successfully. 

Steph is now a Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner, Breastfeeding Peer Supporter and Infant Feeding Coach, who empowers new and expectant mothers to reach their breastfeeding goals.

Steph said: "Breastfeeding can be hard! It’s easy to assume that breastfeeding will come easily to you. Afterall, we’re told that it’s natural and every depiction of it that you’ve seen on TV or in a film is likely to have been a well-groomed woman gently cradling her perfectly latched on baby whilst gazing lovingly into their eyes.

​"This may well be the case once you’ve nailed latching baby on, but until then it can be a hard slog to find a position that works for you and your baby and that provides you with a comfortable latch (not to mention that you’ll be rocking a ‘messy hair, don’t care’ look for a fair old while!).

"Breastfeeding is very much a learned skill for both you and your baby, natural in the same way that learning to walk is – biologically normal, but takes a lot of practice and some falls along the way!

​"Having experienced my own feeding challenges with both my boys, I understand what you are going through and the rollercoaster of emotions that is new parenthood."

​Before the birth, she provides an "evidence-based breastfeeding antenatal course to expectant families" which "focuses on both the essentials of breastfeeding as well as how to support your own emotional well-being as new parents", both in a group setting and one-to-one. 

Once the little one has arrived, Steph can offer one-to-one consultations in a mum's own home, to assess any feeding challenges (breast, bottle or both) and offers information and guidance. 

First time mum, Beth, said: "Steph helped me with our latching, gave us different positions to try and, most importantly, boosted our confidence that actually we can do it, we just needed some practice and tools along the way.

"She answered every worry that I had and made me and my husband feel so unbelievably at ease with everything."

Mum to be Laura, said: "I could not recommend this course enough. I knew it would be great and really informative, but it certainly exceeded my expectations."

Steph also runs Nurslings, a free mum and baby group held at Kingsbridge Family Church on Tuesday mornings, 10-11:30am, for babies 0-24months, with refreshments and toys provided. Trained feeding support will be on hand for anyone in need. 

She will also be providing a baby tent at Kingsbridge Family Church between 11am and 2pm during the Kingsbridge Celebrates Christmas event so that all mums have somewhere warm to go to feed their baby while shopping.

You can find out more about Steph, her courses and what she can do to help you, by visiting her website: 


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