Peacocks says it is staying in Kingsbridge but Poundland doesn't confirm move

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Peacocks confirms it is staying in Kingsbridge but Poundland doesn't confirm move

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Peacocks in Kingsbridge has confirmed that it is not leaving the town after rumours they were being replaced with Poundland. 

The Peacocks team posted on their Facebook page to "confirm that we are NOT closing down" but did fuel the rumour saying that Poundland was coming to the town, by saying that they would be "going in a different location in Kingsbridge".

The statement said: "Following on from what people are reading on social media, we can confirm that we are NOT closing down.

"Poundland will be going in a different location in Kingsbridge as we are here to stay so if you could all please spread the word that we are staying for good.

"Please remember spreading false information of any kind could be very detrimental to any business. We wish Poundland full success in Kingsbridge when it does open."

The rumour mill has been turning, saying that the Peacocks shop in Kingsbridge will be replaced with a Poundland. This could have been because the old Peacocks shop in Ivybridge, which closed down earlier in the year, has been confirmed to be a new Poundland location.

A Poundland spokesperson has said: "Poundland will open a new store in Ivybridge, Devon, at 9am on Saturday 3 July, bringing shoppers more choice and creating jobs in the area.

"The new store at 16 Erme Court will employ 12 colleagues and, at more than 3,600 square feet, the former Peacocks unit will offer shoppers a wide range of items at Poundland’s amazing value.

"The location is at the heart of the town, next to the Town Hall and close to local shops and the library and just a short distance from the leisure centre."

But when we asked Poundland if they were planning to open a shop location in Kingsbridge, they did not confirm it, with a spokesperson saying: "We're always seeking new locations for Poundland and we'd love to come to Kingsbridge in Devon. Just as soon as we have news to share, we will." 

On the job website there are adverts for Poundland Store Manager and Assistant Manager in Kingsbridge though, so watch this space....

Google Maps - Peacocks Kingsbridge  

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