South Devon Tennis Club celebrates new tennis role model

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South Devon Tennis Club celebrates new tennis role model

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Emma Raducanu won her very first US Open final this weekend, as promising young players from the South Devon Tennis Centre watched, hoping that one day they will be able to follow in her footsteps.

Paul Butcher, Director of Tennis at the South Devon Tennis Centre in Ivybridge, said: “Emma is such an amazing role model for clubs like ours. The girls and boys we are coaching today can honestly look at her and think maybe, just maybe, one day that could be me.

“Not everyone can make it, we know that, but we can help local children begin a lifelong journey into a great sport that will give them a healthy lifestyle and a wonderful social life.

“We have courses for children as young as two-years-old and an academy programme to help them progress if they are keen to improve fast.”

South Devon Tennis Centre is a Lawn Tennis Association affiliated club, which means that they follow the LTA Youth programme. This is a fun, energetic and modern coaching scheme aimed at modern day kids.

Paul added: “Any parents who are watching Emma this weekend and thinking they would like to offer their child this opportunity, I would say, just get in touch with me. We have several beginners courses starting this month, which include a racket, T-Shirt and set of balls.

“And we always have group sessions for older children who can already play. All our tennis is tailored with rackets and nets appropriate to the size of the child.”

For more information about South Devon Tennis Centre call: 01752 893700 or visit

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