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Ivybridge residents asked what type of equipment they would like to see at the Spinney
General News SA Sam Acourt July 12, 2021 603

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South Hams District Council are asking local residents to choose between three options for play equipment: Spinning, Climbing or Gliding?
Memorial event held in memory of Councillor David May
General News SA Sam Acourt Updated May 28, 2021 271
A memorial event has been held in Woodlands Park to remember South Hams District Councillor David May, a long-serving and much respected Ivybridge councillor, who died in December last...
Residents' ideas shape improvements to The Spinney
General News SA Sam Acourt March 04, 2021 462

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South Hams District Council gathered ideas for improvements to Woodlands Park, known as The Spinney, from residents last year.
3 results - showing 1 - 3