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Create your space with Moore Garden Rooms

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Think you know what a garden room is? Think again. A new offering from an established and much trusted building specialist in the South Hams, Moore Garden Rooms is turning the contemporary garden room concept into a bespoke, purpose driven service including custom design and installation of a modern space that maximises the use and experience of your home. From planning permission to electricity sources and finishing touches, co-owner Sarah Moore, explains…

Tell me a bit about the background of Moore Garden Rooms?

CJ Moore is a family business that was started by my husband in 2011. I came on board after I had our son, and it’s very much grown as a trusted, local building firm. Moore Garden Rooms has evolved from that over the last six months because we saw a real gap where we could help people to maximise the use of their homes and gardens as well as providing a less disruptive alternative to a conventional extension or renovation.

What exactly do you do?

Essentially, our garden rooms are self contained new builds. So they don’t have to disrupt your living while they are under construction, they are much quicker to build than a regular extension, and they can be a versatile space that you use to meet a particular need. They are very popular as home offices or games rooms, but the crucial thing is that we really design them for the individual property and listen to what the owners want to achieve from them.

Where there are a lot of companies who create similar things priced per square metre and based on pre-existing models where you pick and choose elements from a catalogue, we speak to our clients and work to a bespoke brief. We talk about the finishes they want and how they want to use the space and deliver against that. So it’s a very high quality end product and not part of the ‘off the shelf’ model, but it’s also a really perfect mix of form and function.

What’s unique about Moore Garden Rooms?

There is a bit of a trend at the moment for prefabricated garden rooms, but the problem is that they don’t come with the foundations and fitting and planning support that homeowners need to get them working. You have to organise that separately with a different company. With Moore Garden Rooms, our parent company CJ Moore Ltd is on hand to do all of that and it’s identified as a cost from the start.

We use our own team of subcontractors, who we have worked with for years and years, including window suppliers and electricians. We also support customers from the very start of the project, right up until the end. I think that’s what makes the service unique.

What would surprise people most about the garden rooms?

At first impressions a lot of people think of a garden room as a shed at the bottom of the garden, which is very far from what we’re talking about. They’re small spaces but you can make them really amazing and functional as well.

I think people are mostly surprised by the finishes. The garden rooms are fully insulated and have their own heating system. It runs off the main house so there are no new services bills, and we can organise all of that, but you can still switch it off as well. So it’s simultaneously connected and totally separate to make it a really useful space.

How big is the team?

There are nine of us and its still very much a family business.  My husband Chris and I are very hands on, we have three Carpenters on the team, Helen is our right hand in the office as well as a network of really trusted suppliers.

What plans do you have moving forward?

This! We are just really excited to see where it goes and to see what the response is from more people!



Moore Garden Rooms
Moore Garden Rooms
Moore Garden Rooms Project
Moore Garden Rooms Project Shower
Moore Garden Rooms Project
Moore Garden Rooms Project
Moore Garden Rooms Project Bar
Moore Garden Rooms Project
Moore Garden Rooms Project
Moore Garden Rooms Project

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