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Pollyanna Decorating - Painters and Decorators in Salcombe

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… the young British film maker who has just released a 10 hour epic of white paint drying on a brick wall? Actually, it’s no joke, it’s absolutely true, but we somehow doubt Charlie Lyne’s movie with the snappy title, Paint Drying *, will have cinema goers queuing round the block.

Perhaps, however, the mere mention of paint has served to remind you that it’s high time you got the outside of the house done, or maybe the sitting room needs freshening up. In which case, you might think of engaging the services of Pollyanna Decorating, and all-girl team of painters and decorators.

Working across the South Hams, the ladies at Pollyanna can turn their hands to anything from the smallest bathroom to large scale exteriors. For clients who place a premium on reliability, trustworthiness and attention to detail, Pollyanna Decorating should be top of the list to call. What’s more, they’re so tidy that, when the job is done, you won’t even know they’ve been there.

Team leader, Polly, assures us that their quotes are very competitive. ‘And don’t worry,’ she chuckles, ‘we won’t charge extra if you want to watch it dry. You’ll have to get your own popcorn, though!’ Nice one, Polly.

For more information or to arrange a free estimate, contact Polly on 07929 648015.


* an intentionally boring film made ‘as a protest against censorship and mandatory classification’.

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